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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday - Unknown hot dude = TODD

I searched high and low for this dude's name but all I could find is the photographer - Mike Fard. So maybe one of you recognize him and can put a name to his fabulousness. There wasn't that many pics of him but the ones I found are artsy and beautiful.

EDIT: Thanks to Fae Sutherland, we have a first name. Todd. He does not look like a Todd but there you have it.  Enjoy.

If you'd like to read what Todd has to say about his tats,
you can go here --> Mike Fard Flickr stream
I was going to post it but it's a little too Biblical for me. :)


  1. He has beautiful tattoos. I read the background info on them and all I can say is good for him. At least his tattoos are a reflection of his beliefs and each one has true meaning to him.

    Nice choice K-lee. :)

  2. He's very smexy. I like the idea of his tats and they are stunning, I just didn't want the long Biblical explanation I guess. :)