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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sexy Suit-Up Sunday - notice the sexy part?

Dear Suit-Up Sunday,
I had a horrible time thinking of what theme I could go with this week. I searched high and low and in the end decided that since my Sexy Saturday was more about hair than sexy, today would be a good day for some Sexy Suit-Up Sunday.

So please excuse me if you think I've made a mockery of your theme but I think some of the ladies will still maintain some respect for you after they see what exactly my theme is. And it's not like these aren't considered suits - these men have to wear them to work so I think they totally count.

Sincerely, K-lee
PS I know I post too many pics but that seems to be MY overall theme of this blog and you know it's torturous work having to look over all the pics I find so again, forgive me.

Suits for Male Exotic/Erotic Occupations :)

#1. The Go Go Dancer

Ho, Ho, Ho.

Me, Tarzan - you're out of here.

1st rule of Go Go - know where your tips are at all times

Um. Wow, just... wow.

Um, no.

#2. The Male Pole Dancer 

Simple is usually best.

Half-dressed is nice.

Um, no.

#3. The Male Strippergram

Classic cop - kinda meh.

Definitely like the SWAT look better.

Classic Fireman - too bad he doesn't have his hose out.

Ride 'em cowboy. Woo doggie!


Holy hell - I'm gonna have clown nightmares now.

Pimpin' it out. Better you than me. Not.

Classic 80's look stripper? Not even the hair saves this one for me.

#4. Male Exotic Dancers (yeah, strippers)

Sticking with the 80's theme. That's a whole lotta bear.

Some classic Chippendales.

Mmm, jeans and bare chests. 
Nice, but I swear that blond guy's head does not go with his body.

More jeans and looking a tiny bit more natural... maybe.

The Thunder from Down Under.
I so gotta go to Vegas just for this. Road Trip!!
(dibs on 4th cowboy from the left)

Happy Sunday. Y'all come back now, ya hear. :)

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  1. Love the cowboy and his...tattoos :p

  2. ::dead of giggles:: Your posts always make me laugh. I love the clown, I about died at that one. :3

    My fave is the SWAT stripper, though. *__* I'll take two, please and thank you.

  3. Lisa - the cowboy's definitely hot. ;)

    Sasha - but this was a vewy, vewy serious post. :P
    The SWAT guy is smoking. Order is on it's way.

    Summer - SWAT is a popular dude for sure. Thanks hon.