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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Suit up Sunday - show me some skin

Okay, okay - not all man-suits are stupid but I'm generally not a girl who swoons from gawking at a well-suited man. I like my men in jeans and t-shirts or well, nothing at all of course. But those men down there - are the total exception.

Welcome to my first Suit Up Sunday. :)

OMG - Dan Skinner just rocks my socks with his photos but this...
I swear this will be a cover for me in the near future, no matter 
who I have to bribe or pay to make it happen. It "suits"
my lawyer story to a T... so watch for it, people.

Another by Dan Skinner - think I want this one too.

Okay - I might have cropped Posh out of this. Lol.

Not so much the kid but the suit and body are hot.

I know what you're thinking - "it always comes back to Ricky"
- well I guess it sort of does

But then again, I love him covered up, too.

~~ Moral of this Suit Up Sunday - if there's some skin showing, I'd down with the suit ~~


  1. Oh yeah, Dan Skinner is brilliant ^.^ Love that first photo.

  2. It's totally going to be my Opposing Counsel cover. :)