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Friday, February 3, 2012

Flashback Friday - The uber-fabulous PRINCE

Ahhh, Prince, I've loved you for so long.

Prince Rogers Nelson born November 7, 1958

I've seen Purple Rain a bazillion times and I love it more each time. I wore out at least one Purple Rain cassette tape and I have it on CD now, too. Yeah, that's probably embarrassing but hey, it's Prince.

And you know my OCD does not let me do anything half-way - so there's a few videos here if you care to indulge. I had fun finding them too. :)

Prince made purple cool and brought back the raspberry beret.

He made tiny BIG and taught us how to just go crazy and party like it was 1999.

He was about "Sexuality", "Controversy", "Diamonds & Pearls", "Cream",  kissing and dirty minds.

He was and still is awesome.


  1. OMG! You are really taking me down memory lane right now. I was a Prince fanatic, especially in the early 80's. Only got to see him in concert one time. I think it was in 1984. Don't be embarrassed. I had albums, then cassettes, too. I had Controversy, 1999, and Purple Rain. I can remember going out with my friends to these clubs that were right next door to eachother. One was called I Gotcha and the other one was The Speak Easy. We danced our asses off, especially when they played Prince songs. Those were the days. What a blast! I think I will pay a visit to iTunes tonight.

  2. oh girl, you are killing me right now. I so love Prince. As a kid, we used to live with my grandparents and my uncles who are only a few years older were totally Prince fanatics, so consequently their little niece had to listen to his music etc... Dear Lord, have to look for his music today.