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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reviews for Love & Patience

Reviews. You want to see them but at the same time you don't. To be perfectly honest, they scare the crap out of me and I've had so many authors say not to read them or if I do, don't put a lot of merit into what they have to say. That's hard to do because when you send your words or your art - short story, novella, novel, poem, painting, drawing, whatever- out into the world, it's like sharing your baby, something you've created with your heart, and of course you don't want anyone saying bad things about your baby, right?

The hardest part of reading reviews is hearing that something didn't make sense in the story, something that you were pretty sure did make sense but either the reviewer didn't quite understand or maybe - gasps - you, as the writer, didn't make clear enough on the page. When I closed the proverbial book on Love & Patience, I knew there was so much more I could do with it, but since I'd already gone over the allotted word count of 5000 (by 3000 - oops, sorry Sam), I did what I could to make the story what it needed to be. And to be honest again, I liked where it went and how it ended. There are a lot of loose ends to be tied up, as well as a lot of exploring I can still do with regards to Anael and Del and I've already decided they need to tell the rest of their story in a sequel. They're dancing around in my head, giving me bits and pieces of themselves and that's fabulous, but it's finding the time to fit it in with everything else I'm writing, that's the problem.

I hope this doesn't make anyone uncomfortable about reviewing anything I'm written because that's not my intention. I want reviews. Reviews make me see what the story could have been, what I could have written better, or in the best case, that I did a good job. So even though I'm still scared to death every time I see one, I'm still thankful that someone took the time to read what I've written.

Here are the two reviews I've received for Love & Patience.

Hearts on Fire Reviews - Love & Patience 

Brief Encounters Reviews - Love & Patience
B- (or on GoodReads scale 3.75 upped to 4)


  1. I totally get you. Most authors tell me not to read them (and I'm trying not to!!), while reviewers tell me to read them (to learn from them). Problem is that I agree with both...so it's a bit of an internal battle whenever I know there's a new review out. Thing with reviews is that they're so, so subjective. What one person feels makes sense may not make any sense to another person. I've seen this so many times now. Then there's the fact that those who didn't like the story are usually louder than those who did like it, and are therefor more likely to leave a review.

    I've had my share of negative reviews and they hurt every time. Some look like they were written just out of spite, or to entertain people who enjoy negativity - or maybe it just looks that way to me. I'm just so goddamn curious to NOT read them :P They hurt for about half a day and then I'm over it. I actually enjoy reading some of the 3-star reviews, because those usually mention bad AND good things...and most complain about the tugs of emotions and how the characters drove them nuts. It's like I always say: better to write controversial characters who actually get to readers (even if it's in a negative way) instead of boring characters who will be forgotten within minutes ;)

  2. Reviews can definitely be scary. If you choose to read them, the one thing you have to keep in mind is that reading is such a subjective process. I'm sure my all time favorite romance novel is someone else's idea of the worst one ever written. It is what it is. You can learn from some of them, though, and if you do read them, that's the important part to remember. The negative ones are bound to happen, but there will be positive ones, too. :)