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Monday, February 25, 2013

Dwarf-aholic nonsense and a K-lee update

Greetings from the land of hermits and cave-dwellers. Some of this might just be me repeating myself and not having the brain power to remember or even check. I have indeed been using my hermiting (not a word) skills to keep myself shut away in my cave. January and February are months where my clinical depression clouds my brain with the added bonus of having my borderline personality disorder seal the deal and keep my mind and body in complete chaos. In other words, things have not been good but since February is quickly passing, I'm hoping for a new start yet again. (this post is sort of a rehashing of the one I did on LiveJournal today - just so you know.

2gwchaqFebruary is also my birthday month which has never had any appeal to me but thanks to those of you who wished me well on that day where I grow nothing but older. I experienced a bout of writers' block in December, January and February and it's just been over the past week that I've been able to get some of the ranting and raving characters and plots out of my head and onto the page. Not being able to write feeds into the depression since that's generally my outlet to clear myself of some of the emotion that the borderline sees fit to keep spinning 'round my head at all times. (OH BY THE WAY - THAT DUDE ON THE RIGHT ---> YOU'LL FIND OUT ABOUT HIM LATER)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Isabella Carter blog tour is stopping here!

Please welcome a friend and fellow Less Than Three author, Isabella Carter, to my blog. She's in the midst of a blog tour and this is her stop for today. Isabella is an occasional knitter and she loves Disney, gaming and happy endings. AND she's a real sweetheart. I owe her a Sandy Relief story and she hasn't nagged me about it at all. Back to business, Isabella is touring to promote her new book, A Shadow of a Dream, and she's also doing a giveaway on her blog. All the info is at the end of this post. So have a read and make Isabella feel welcome. 


One of the important groups in Shadow of a Dream is the Order of Watchers, the hunters of witches, demons, and all other monsters that go bump in the night. The Order is supposed to be the great good protecting the world from the tyranny of magic, but as with any institution run by humans, it is rife with corrupts and those looking to serve their own interests. There is a lot of good in the order, the problem is that it's eclipsed by the pride and greed of those seeking fame or bloody vengeance

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Misty Mountains (or) Thorin's Song from Hobbit Trailer

Love this so much. One of my fave parts of the movie.

New freebie, upcoming author visit, Christian Kane & dwarfs.

Okay, so TRASHCAT really has nothing to do with this post except I felt just like him when I woke up this morning (still do). I won't go into it because I still don't have all the facts or know what's right and what's wrong. I will say I may not be attending GRL this year due to the unamused thing but nothing is certain, and I'm going by my gut-reaction right now more than anything else.

Moving on - I've failed my blog again. My randomness obviously stopped and so did my posts. I blame it on the depression and lack of motivation to do anything BUT I did do something. I decided last week that I needed to do a Valentine's story and my chosen pairing were Devon and Scott from Lazy Sundays. I think they needed a better happy ending plus I'll be making them into a full-length novel with both stories included and continued later in the year. Anyhow Lazy Valentines is now written, beta-ed, formatting and uploaded. The fabulous Megan Derr made me the cover and I found a pic of the same guys on the Lazy Sundays one. :) It's sweet and sugary just like the story. Not a long of angst in this one, people. But it is Valentines Day after all.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Stealing the Dragon blog tour - Mell Eight

I'm pleased to welcome fellow Less Than Three Press author, Mell Eight, as she makes a stop on my blog during her "Stealing the Dragon" blog tour.  She's doing a giveaway on her blog, all information posted at the bottom of this page. Enjoy.


Dragons have been a fascination of mine for a very long time.  It has always enthralled me that the same mythos crossed the globe and then became unique to each culture and society the dragons encountered.  I've researched and learned as much as I could and that time and effort has gone directly into every dragon I've ever written about.  The dragons in my Dragon's Hoard Series are a combination of many different types of dragons from across the world.  I tried my hardest as an author to make my dragons unique while still honoring the history and power that generations before me have put into the dragons of myth. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Music Wednesday - Kane/Carlson/Smith/Nutter

This was supposed to be for Music Monday then Tune Tuesday but instead it's for today, just plain old Hump Wednesday. You'll know one of the artists (at least from my blog) but maybe not the others, so have a listen. I get razzed at home for my *coughs* obsessions but being interested in one artist or actor or whatever can also broaden the mind to others that you wouldn't have even knew existed without the initial obsession. That's what I tell myself anyhow. ;)

Also, I have a special guest on my blog on Friday - Mell Eight from Less Than Three Press will be making a stop on her blog tour to talk about dragons so make sure you pop by. So here we go - Music Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Enjoy. (PS Damn blogger was being difficult in embedding these vids - took me two days - ugh)