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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ricky Martin on Glee - beware the hot!

Okay, so technically it's now Saturday so I did not do 3 posts on Friday. Was just heading off to dreamland and yeah, checked Twitter one last time and holy Hell! Gotta post this and I'm hoping someone might now how to rip it or whatever it is you do so I can put it on my iTunes. :) I think the episode is coming up this week - I just may die from the Ricky-ness. "Sexy and I know it" indeed. That boyfriend of his is one lucky man. Love you Ricky.


  1. I'm so buying these series when I go to the US!

  2. They've had a lot of great guest stars - none as great as my Ricky of course but then anyone who reads my blog knows I have a little bit of an obsession. Lol.