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Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday - Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace - fabulous Canadian band fronted by the more-than-gorgeous, Adam Gontier, who has to be like seven feet tall - or he sure looks like it on stage. I can't really put their music into a specific genre box - rock, alternative. There's nothing fluffy about them, their music is a little dark and tense, and so are their videos.

Adam has an amazing voice that sends shivers down my spine whether he's belting out something hard and fast or purring emotively into the mic. Their songs are hard-rocking, emotion-building, but also involve some pretty intense issues and problems. I've had the pleasure of seeing them many times in concert and they put on a fabulous show. If you ever get a chance to see them - GO!  Here's a couple faves.


  1. Love their songs. It's hard to choose, but Never Too Late is probably my favorite song of theirs. The lead singer is hot, too!

  2. These guys are awesome! Every time they come to town they sell out before I have a chance to buy tickets. Eventually...

  3. Summer - I totally agree.

    Lisa - I love that song too. I agree it's hard to choose. Adam is so totally hot. :)

    LC - They're always in Vancouver, dude. Next time they're there call me, and i'll get us tickets. :)