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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Insomnia, a review, random news & music

Not sleeping more than 3 or 4 hrs a night (with sleeping pills) is taking its toll but I'm pressing on to stay productive. I've been dealing with sleep issues for 10 years so it's really nothing new, just a little worse than usual right now. Recently I've been trying to set a goal every day since that at least makes me feel productive. My goal for today is to get to 60k on my cowboys - 2300 written so far and 300 to go and Christian Kane's drawling away on iTunes, offering his usual inspiration. ;)
Happy Insomniac Thursday. ;/

In the good news department, I received a really awesome 5/5 star review for Domestic Relations a couple weeks ago that I thought I'd share. DR hasn't gotten many reviews yet so this one made my day. :) And I swear I don't often post the entire review but today, I'm going to make an exception because it makes me smile and sleepy smiles are always a good thing.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christian Kane pic spam #1 - you were warned

As promised and more for myself than anyone else... Christian Kane pic spam. Enjoy. :)
(and yep, there will be more)

Blog Update Fail, Christian Kane & an excerpt

<--- Yeah, what he said? Can't believe it's almost a month since I've updated but it seems like the longer I leave it the bigger the issue of updating gets in my head. It ends up being this really overwhelming thing that it totally shouldn't be. It's just an issue I have that I obviously need to work on.

*takes deep breath* Okay. Hey! How you doing? I'm back and hopefully will stay that way. Actually I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of action on this blog once December rolls around since I have something up my proverbial sleeve. But I won't share that just yet.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief - Story auction listing

The lovely Piper Vaughn over at Babes in Boyland has started a project to auction off original stories in exchange for donations to assist with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. I'm one of the author taking part along with 18 other authors.

I'm pasting my listing for you to have a look at, as well as the links for my page and the rules for the auctions. Have a boo at the other authors involved, too - and if you can help out, make a donation. :)

Story Auction Rules

Auction Listing - K-lee Klein


Closes: 11/9/2012, 7PM CST. (Any bids posted after that time will not be counted.)

Author: K-Lee Klein

Offering: One story, dedicated to the winning bidder. Winner can offer up to four different suggestions of what they would like to see included (i.e., friends-to-lovers theme, hurt-comfort, a specific scene, sex act, etc.) I will include at least one but possibly all. Winner can also provide six names and I will pick my favorites for the main characters. (Note: I won’t reuse any names I’ve used already or names already in my current WIPs.) Optional: Picture inspiration is definitely encouraged.

Genres I’m willing to write in: M/M - Contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, historical (ancient Greece or Rome) 

Length: No less than 5000 words.

To be delivered: Within 90 days of: 1) Receipt of proof of donation; 2) Receipt of information requested above (genre, names, etc.).

Restrictions: Once provided to winner, I reserve the right to post the story on various sites for free distribution. I will not write dub/non-con, character torture, pedophilia, snuff, scat play, golden showers, etc. I’m not very familiar with BDSM, and so would prefer not to include that in the story, but I will if asked. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Winners - GRL swag and Trick of Dreams

Announcing both winners at the same time. 
*drum roll*

Winner of "Not going to GRL" contest 



Winner of ebook copy of Trick of Dreams


Congrats and thanks for stopping by.
I'll be sending out emails soon.

Have a good day everyone.