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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Release day for Love & Patience and some pretties

My new release is out at Less Than Three Press today - February 8 (oops, it's out tonight - yays!). Love & Patience is part of the Kiss Me Quick series at LT3 along with some other fabulous short stories written just for Valentines' Day. Check them all out.

I'm sure I've already pimped it enough but here's the blurb again, along with a short excerpt. AND since it's about an angel, I couldn't refuse posting a few angel pics. :)


One week out of every year the angel Anael spends time in a remote cabin with the human he loves—a human who does not know his lover’s secret, who for the last five years has patiently waited for the day that one week might finally become one eternity ...

Pimping link --> Love & Patience at Less Than Three Press


They’d been there before, at that exact point, under those exact circumstances, doing the exact same thing: bodies pressed together, heated, heaving, heady with need. But never any further. Anael had felt the subtle ache of temptation beat stronger each time destiny had led them down this path, each time he'd taken fate into his own hands and chosen to return year after year.

Del was older now, at least in human years, but the body covering Anael’s was still hard and strong and beautiful. He’d never revealed the truth to the man he spent a week with every year, just spent the time he’d been allotted with his chosen being, appearing without a word and disappearing in the same manner—no promises, just one week of bliss. He’d always managed to restrain himself against Del’s scent, touch, and thoughts, never allowing himself to soar over the edge of his full-blown lust. But every year his longing for complete sexual fulfillment, his yearning to be joined in love and lust with Del, became harder to control.

He knew right from wrong, knew the fine line between wanting Del, feeling him, kissing and touching him, and allowing himself to become an actual sexual being. He had responsibilities and obligations, had been taught and lectured about his role in the universe since he was a child and had been taken from his parents’ home to be put onto the elite track of service. He'd never had a choice, always told he was special, that the normalcy of other angels’ lives, the slip-ups and irregularities of their behavior, did not—would not—apply to him.

Anael's reputation and his willingness to push the envelope had encouraged the higher powers into allowing him to be somewhat physical with Del; to touch him, kiss him, enjoy the pleasures of the flesh to a certain degree. And he did enjoy their time together, had been enjoying it for five years, far too long. Five years of spending time with a man who made him happy, feel special in ways he’d never believed possible, feel human which was a total impossibility. Del loved him, and being the Angel of Romantic Love, Anael knew that for a fact, and in another turn of impossibility, he had fallen in love with Del.

He’d entrusted his feelings and frailty of heart with only one confidant, his mother, the one who’d raised him to still believe in true love and in the possibility for angels to find it. She had not discouraged him in believing and reveling in the true feelings that poured from Del’s heart and soul, nor did she encourage him to go any further in his love. It probably helped that Anael’s human had never tried to push the boundaries of what Anael was comfortable with, had never tried for more than Anael was willing to give.

Anael could feel Del’s feelings engulfing him whenever they were together, could feel the warmth of being loved wrap around him more and more with each encounter, despite the full year between each of their meetings. Del had somehow hung onto those emotions, and they appeared stronger each time Anael spent time with him. He knew he had two choices with regards to the relationship, and it was a relationship to him, the only one he’d ever had, ever would have. He had to stop his annual visits to Del, to set him free and let him go or... the other option was almost unimaginable.

This first one is the fabulous art of Dan Skinner, of course

 This last one is the next tattoo I want - with different wings.


  1. Congrats on your new release. Beautiful pictures! Love the tattoo on the guy's back.

  2. Pretty, pretty pictures! Just bought the story, sooo excited about it.

  3. Thanks, guys. Sure wish I knew how to reply individually. Haven't figured it out yet. :/

    Hope you like the story. My angel's special to me.