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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday - Adam Levine (slight nudity)

Another rocker edition Tattoo Tuesday from me - what a shock.

Adam Levine - born March 18, 1979 - Maroon 5, The Voice.
Talented, out-spoken, charismatic, hot, gay activist, yoga-lover, tattoo enthusiast - what's not to love, right?

Adam himself is not gay - as you can see by the pics with his girlfriend (whose name he has tatted on his knuckles) but his brother Michael is.  In July of 2011, Adam did a video for the It Gets Better campaign - that's pretty spectacular brotherly love, don't you think?

On to the pretty pictures.

The whole hands behind the back think fascinates (and hurts) me

And the piece de resistance

It's not often you'll see a chick on my blog 
but I'm just showing Adam's fingers. :)

Adam and his brother Michael - cute right?

It Gets Better

And it just wouldn't be Chaos in the Moonlight without a couple videos :)
(very young Adam)


  1. Oh, I love him. The one against the window is gorgeous! And I love a guy doing yoga (um, yoga butt!)

  2. Goodness, he is handsome! Good pics!!

  3. Oh, K-lee...you wonderful, wonderful girl! I LURVE Adam Levine and his tats and his gorgeous body. He has the best do me lines! thank you for a lovely Valentine's Day eyefull!

  4. I think he's so beautiful and has such sharp wit. Thanks for stopping by guys. :)

  5. I think I just *die* watching these pics!

    Also, I had the one of him half naked as background and my hubby made me put it down because he was jealous!! Can you believe that??

    Thank you!!

  6. LMAO! Your hubby could never live with me then. :P

  7. Oh, but that's a good thing because I want to keep him anyway. :P

  8. Adam Levine hot. Handsome face, beautiful smile,to die for body. Absolutely, he's drop dead gorgeous. Love seeing the shirtless shots, especially showing chest or arm pit hair.