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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Never the Perfect Moment giveaway winners.

Woot! The random generator, AKA Bob, has drawn the numbers for the two winners of Never the Perfect Moment!


Number 13 - Roger


Number 1 - Debra

Congrats! I'll be emailing you both for your format preference. Thanks for playing everyone and if you happen to buy Never the Perfect Moment, I really hope you enjoy it.

Oh - I almost forgot. I received my first review - 5/5 stars. That makes me very happy. :) Check it out here MM Good Book Reviews

Have a great week everyone.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Never the Perfect Moment giveaway!


*brushes off dusty old blog* 

I really need an intervention for my blog-phobia. 

But anyway...hey! I have a new release this coming weekend - Never the Perfect Moment will go live on July 20 at Amber Quill. :) I'm running a very short contest for 2 ebook copies so leave your name, a comment (you know that always makes me happy) and your email.


Bryan Monroe has always catalogued his life in terms of moments—right moments, wrong moments, perfect moments. But when his partner on the police force, Chrys Delos, is shot in a raid gone bad, it's one of the worst moments of Bryan’s life.

He's been secretly in love with Chrys for years, and the shooting is a wake-up call that it might be time to tell Chrys the truth.  The problem is, Bryan’s never been with a man before, so in addition to worrying about Chrys’ injuries, he’s an indecisive wreck over the future.

But with the help of two unlikely matchmakers, Bryan knows it’s time to find the courage, and the perfect moment, to tell Chrys exactly how he feels.


Bryan had always catalogued his life in terms of moments—right moments, wrong moments, perfect moments. He had the reputation of being tough and compassionate, resourceful and approachable, loyal to a fault, rough and ready when needed. But hidden inside the rugged, thick-brained exterior was a sentimental side as big as the sun, and almost as bright. He believed in moments that defined themselves, tiny sections of time that were made specifically for one event in his life.


John was immediately at Bryan’s side when he stumbled backward. He wrapped an arm around Bryan’s shoulders, escorting him through the broken door and out into the crisp morning. “I’m taking you to the other bus to get checked over. He landed pretty hard on you.”

“I said I was fine!” There was too much going on, too many things bouncing around in Bryan’s brain. “Sorry, Cap. I just, I think I need to sit down.”

He was quickly escorted to one of the ambulances, perching his backside on the edge of the tailgate, both hands flattened against the cool metal. How many times did he have to go through this with Chrys? Just how many goddamn times would it take for his partner to gain some control and lose his lone wolf attitude? 

This time was the worst. He hadn’t given himself over to the gunman to save a hostage or a child. Instead he’d stepped in front of a bullet that Bryan hadn’t even known was coming. Dammit, Chrys, you’ll be the death of me yet. How ironic was that?

The trip to the hospital took forever, or it sure seemed like it from behind the vehicle holding such precious cargo. Bryan rode in his captain’s car, John speaking loudly into the hands-free cellphone on the dash. He barked out orders to the others on the team, instructing them to take charge, to push back the group of civilians who had gathered to see what was happening. 

Bryan sat still, quiet, his hands fisted around the helmet in his lap.

The whole day would be filed under perfectly fucking awful.


Linky - don't forget to comment for a chance to win an ebook copy. :) Contest closes Monday. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Tabby's Pride WINNERS!

I have winners!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my Tabby's Pride blog tour. I appreciate the support of my wonderful bloggers and everyone who took the time to comment and enter the giveaway so much I added a couple of extra copies to the mix. :) Winners have been notified - congratulations!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

HAHAT 2014 - Jake Jaxson talks mentoring

Hey y'all. This is my last post for the HAHAT 2014, and I'm very pleased to have the second part of my Cockyboys 2014 interview on Mentoring. RJ has been swamped with filming and now the Grabby Awards in Chicago, but I did manage to wrangle Jake into answering some questions. So here we go.

~~Jake Jaxson ~ Filmmaker, artist, collector, hopeless romantic, and insatiable flirt. He lives in New York with his two loves and collaborators, R.J. Sebastian and Benny Morecock, & their four canine gaybies ~ Raif, Sebastian, Bailey & Jackson. Jake is also the owner/director of CockyBoys.~~

Hi Jake. Welcome back. 

Thank you for having us again -- I means so much to be asked back.

Final HAHAT 2014 post 1 of 2 - Being an ally

This was supposed to be my last post of the HAHAT 2014, but I received a surprise in my email this morning so there will be something else posted later on today. But first I want to talk to you about…me.

I'm a straight, married female and also mother of three who just happens to write gay romance. If you've ever watched Sesame Street, you may remember the game "One of these things is not like the others". That comes to mind a lot when people question why I write m/m romance with all my unsuitable qualifications.

The first thing I'm usually asked since I write what I do, am I gay? I honestly don't see how the two are correlated unless I was to write lesbian romance not m/m. But then again, I also know many lesbians who write what I do. So in that case, my answer is just no, I'm a woman who is attracted to and has relationships with men.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tabby's Pride blog tour final post!

The tour is complete. Did you hit all the stops?
Giveaway closes on midnight May 21. 
Thanks so much for all the support. 

HAHAT post - music videos for the cause

Being a writer, words are very important to me, but images and videos can be just as inspirational and moving. I thought I'd share a few videos I've picked up here and there that fit with the HAHAT. I'm a self-proclaimed music video whore - have been since they first appeared in the 80's.

I also fancy myself a bit of a closet poet and a few of my books have lyrics I've written - I'm not saying they're any good but they are lyrics nonetheless. I find the process of putting words to music then music to pictures and video just completes the cycle and can produce such lasting impressions of thoughts and feelings.

Please leave a comment and enter the giveaway. I hope you enjoy these and they provide some emotional connection to the theme we're all supporting. Cheers.


Andrew Hozier-Byrne is an Irish musician.
His voice & this song itself give me chills, & the video is so powerful.