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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dakota Trace's "Ruthless" book tour - stop on in

I'm pleased to announce I am the first stop on the lovely Dakota Trace's Xenres Sins book tour for her new release, Ruthless.

Please welcome Dakota and her um...friend...muse...other personality (lol), and make sure you enter the give-away at the bottom.

*psstt, Dakota - you're on - psstt, Dakota - where are you?*

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ali's Intuition has a release date. Yay!

I signed my contract for Ali's Intuition today, and yay! I have a release date.

September 20, 2013

It's just under a month after Unbreak My Heart's release on August 25 & just in time for GRL. I'm very happy about that.

"Matching spirit mates has always been as easy for fate as sinking an arrow in a heart-shaped target is for cupid--until a whirlwind named Ali steps up to the plate, & might be just the witch to break fate's stellar track record."

Monday, July 22, 2013

LHNB story excerpt & pretty pics, of course

My free "Love Has No Boundaries" story for the M/m Romance Group hasn't been posted yet but I thought I'd  share a small excerpt while I wait. Once it's posted, it'll be available in different formats, so I'll keep ya'll posted in case you're interested. :)

As always, there will be gratuitous pics at the end of this post, and my next actual post will be a picture post since I haven't done one in a while. Stay tuned. (EDIT - dang it, as usual the bottom of this post has turned into a Dean/Aidan extravaganza - oops)

<-- This is the original picture posted with the letter/pic prompt,

The title I chose is "Las Palabras de Amor" which translates to Words of Love - and is also the name of a rock ballad by Queen from 1982. It fits the story, and trust me, this was one of the hardest stories I've written before. There were a few aspects I tweaked from the letter but the main issue was one I struggled with at first.

The "letter" that came with the pic involved cheating which I'd never written about before, and had never intended on writing. I had to sit down and figure out a way to write it that didn't offend myself, let alone anyone else. It's not that I don't read those stories, but they aren't my preference in a romance, and definitely not my preference to write. I hope I did the story, and Danilo & Lucas justice. 

Here's the excerpt and the lovely cover by M.L. Rhodes. :)  And if you have a sec, leave a comment and tell me whether you have a preference in whether you read stories with infidelity or not. Cheers.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I suck at blogging....AKA, what K-lee's been up to

That just about sums it up - do some damn blogging, woman...I mean...hi, how's everyone doing?

Yeah, I've proved time and time again that I suck at blogging and updating. But here I am with just a short update about what I have coming up and out. ;)

My Cowboy Brett story that I've talked about before was accepted by Amber Quill (yah) and has an ebook release date of August 25 - with a print date sometime in September. I'm happy it will be out in time for me to take a few copies to GRL. It's about 90,000 words so that's a fair size for me - times that by two and you'll know what I've been working on for the last few months. (more about that after)

So I wanted to show off my shiny new cover by the wonderful Trace Edward Zaber. I picked out the cover model and I just love him. So let me introduce you to Cowboy Brett who now has a real title - "Unbreak My Heart" (cue singing the song from the 90's)

It's pretty, right? (you have to look down obviously) -  I have a tagline too...

"Is the love and patience of a city kid enough to breathe life back into a rancher who's living in his own world of pain--and unbreak his heart?"

I've already posted an excerpt introducing Brett (sort of) so here's one with my other main character - JT. (unedited, by the way)