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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Talk of swag, stock photos & other babble...

I still haven't deleted all the pics on my blog. *sighs* Still not sure what I'm doing about that. It's mostly my main page that will be a bummer. I know I can still use Nicu

<-- Nicu

because he's bought and paid for and yes, he did have a female behind him in the original. He looks better without, don't you think? :)

I'm also still debating what swag to do for GRL. I really like the idea of characters cards (and I've spend soooo much time looking at stock photos, most of which have been used way too many times) and I have found my Ali and my Kalo but it's still my Lucius that I'm struggling with. I even contacted the photographer of my Lucius inspiration -->
but since it's apparently an old pic, he's not sure if he can get model approval to use it. It would be perfect though. I don't mind posting the pic because at least I've had some contact with the photographer now.

Maybe one of you have spotted a similar boy on one of the stock sites? If so - please yell because "Lucius" is driving me crazy.

My other thought is bookmarks with the characters on them as well. I thought they might be a little more practical than cards even though most people don't read print as much. I know I keep all my bookmarks because I love them so that might be the way to go. There is an option in Word to make bookmarks but then you'd have to find a place to print them and more than likely, laminate too. Guess I'm really not sure about anything.

I'm also humming around the idea of having one or two T-shirts with the cover for Lucius' Bite and maybe doing a draw at GRL. Will probably get one for myself regardless since I love the cover so much. Thank you, LC Chase.

Does anyone have any thoughts on swag? I know there was so much paper thrown away at last year's GRL and I don't want what I decide to do to end up in the Albuquerque landfill but I feel compelled to do something to get my name out there besides cards with my name and website on them, mostly because I feel so damn intimidated by my small-fry status.

As for edits, Domestic Relations is done and I'm just finishing up ones for P.I. and the Rockstar despite a rocky start in that regard. WIPs - I'm working on my MLR Christmas story (Countdown to Santa), a story for the Kiss Me at Midnight anthology at Less Than Three and Ali's story, of course. Ali needs some more brainstorming because my brain finally decided what the issue in the story will be so now I have to figure out just how to accomplish what I want.

There's been a lot of talk in m/m romance genre about reviews and reviewers and authors acting badly toward them. I'm one of those authors who reads reviews and takes them a little too much to heart unfortunately but I'd never say anything nasty or reply in a negative way. That's something I'm still learning - not to be nasty but to read ones that aren't so encouraging and then let them go instead of allowing them to ruminate and fester.

I had recent reviews of Lazy Sundays and Lucius' Bite that 1) made me not want to write Ali's story at all because, you know, what's the point if it sucks so bad and 2) delete Lazy Sundays completely because there is a slight error someone pointed out. My peeps talked me out of that and I'm glad because yesterday I got an awesome review from Rainbow Book Reviews. Lazy Sundays is not the end for Devon and Scott either - I intend on expanding it (and fixing the error) and I know I'll enjoy getting back into their world.

Here's the review - just in case you're interested.


I leave on Friday for Vancouver to spend a week with my daughter and her beau. They're awesome little people so I know I'll have a good time. Dan is going into his 4th year at Emily Carr art school and he's done a lot of digital stuff so maybe he can give me some perspective on designing and printing, etc. We go to the Pride Parade on Sunday and I'm hoping to see Patrick and Tyrell from my Hop Against Homophobia interview - they're both in the parade then Tyrell is performing at Sunset Beach after. On the 10th I'll be taking the ferry to Vancouver Island (Nanaimo) to do the house/cat sitting gig in Parksville. Everyone keeps telling me how beautiful it is there so I'm looking forward to it - especially getting out of the city.

Have a good week and hit me up if you have any thoughts on swag, photos or anything else. Basically just frigging hit me up so I know you're out there. Lol.

*hugs you all*


  1. Hi K-lee! I'm still out here...lol. :D

    I really don't understand reviews at times. The same book may have a 5 star review from one person, but a 1 star from another. I cringe at some of the things that are said, but like you, I would never reply with a nasty comment. You just have to try not to let them get you down because more than likely, others (like me) will love your stories. :)

    Have fun and enjoy your getaway!

  2. First, ditto what Lisa said! You and I have talked about this a few times, I'm not sure what the motivation is for some nasty reviews and for Lazy Sundays, well, the volunteers should be apologizing to you for not picking it up (including me as I did not find any when I read it or I would have told you, so sorry!)

    As for swag, I'm one of those strange people that likes it and my favorite things so far are postcards/story cards - kind of like the character cards you mentioned, only it is the story synopsis on the back of the card rather than just one character - the one I have of Spell Cat is in a frame, I love that cover so much! But postcard size means you can do that, or use it as a bookmark should you be so inclined to do paper!

    A het writer I know, who has a series called "Six Pack Ranch", did bottle openers with the logo on it. She also did a wolf series and did dog tags with "Wolf Pack" and the year on them, I was lucky enough to get that too! I've also got a drink cozie that I use and a tote bag.

    What might be kinda cool for you, although I have no idea who makes them, a temporary tattoo? If there is a specific graphic or logo you connect with you, that would be different!

    I have a promo mag at work if you want me to look through it, a friend of mine is a rep for one company but has links to all sorts of suppliers so she sent me a catalog, but I'm not sure you want to go that elaborate! Some are kinda cool though, and price pretty much always depends on how many and how soon you want them and if the artwork is in the format they need or they have to do if for you.

    But I should stop blathering on - it's 8:30pm, I've only been home for an hour after putting in 13 hours at the office, I'm exhausted and kinda hyper at the same time - not a good combination and seems to lead to running on at the....keys, I guess?!?!

    I'm sure you'll come up with something great that I can put in the print copy of Lucius' Bite that just got shipped..... :)

    Take care, don't worry about the haters that are out there, small consolation as it is, they likely hate themselves more than anything or anyone they criticize and as Lisa already pointed out, we're fans of your work!

  3. Here is my advice, stop reading reviews. No really. Trust me. They only lead to heartache. As for Lazy Sundays, I loved it and saw no fucking errors so whatever. You can't please everyone and stop trying. PLEASE.