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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday night pretties...

Just wanted to post some pretties and share what I got in the mail today. I had a total squee-fest. They look so awesome. :)

In writing news - I've been doing 30 minute sprints (or WordWars) and have had good results. 3,464 words yesterday and 3,331 today all on Ali's story. :) Gonna try to keep it up.

In other news, I got my steroid injection in my knee on Tuesday and though it doesn't feel like the one I got before, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will work. It's certainly not a pleasant thing to go through. AND I've made some summer plans. I'm going to Vancouver for a week to see my daughter and for Pride then housesitting in Parksville, BC (it's on Vancouver Island) for four weeks all by myself. :) It's supposed to be a beautiful place and I'm looking forward to getting out of the city. And now, on to the pretties. :D

Aren't they awesome?

Marlon Teixeira - beautiful as usual

Totally rockstarish - hot

There are just no words - hair, abs, tats, scruff, that look on his face - umph

Awesome picture and, you know, bodies too

There is just something so adorable about him

Football boys - I think they need a dog pile right about now

Megan found this on Tumblr for me - so freaking awesome
(oh, Thor and Loki if you didn't already know)

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