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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Music Monday - Kill Hannah

Kill Hannah - formed in 1993 in Chicago Illinois - word has it the band name came from Mat Devine's ex-girlfriend. I've seen them described as a band you either love or hate - there's no happy medium. I think they're awesome.

And speaking of awesome and of Mat Devine - yeah, I admit I might have started listening to them because of how freaking cute and adorable and weird and tiny he is (not to mention his awesome hair that just never does what it's supposed to), but I do love his voice as well - it's very unique. He's also freaking funny and you should totally follow his twitter and his blog Raccoon Society. The guy speaks his mind and lets others do the same. He's made of awesome.

But um... back to Kill Hannah. They've grown as men, as a group and in a musical way over the past few years as you can attest to in the videos. I guess you could call them more pop than rock but I personally love Mat's voice and lyrics so that's the hook for me. My kids still claim it has to be a girl singing that high - and yeah, he's tiny and looks like a girl sometimes, too. :D Anyhow - enjoy Kill Hannah.

Unwanted (shot in 2003, released 2006)

Lips Like Morphine (2006)

Scream (2006)

Radio (2006)

Songs that Saved My Life (2006)

Snowblinded (2009) (such a sweet song)

Promise Me (2011)

Why I Have My Grandma's Sad Eyes (2011)

Lol - this will show you a bit of Mat's character. He had an "I hate Mat Devine" video sent to him and made this lip sync to it. Hilarious. Warning for language - if that matters. :)

Gratuitous Mat Devine pics (how do my music posts always end up as music and picture posts?)
And yeah, he does kind of look like he's twelve but he was born in 1974 - you figure it out :D
Also no, I'm not sure why he likes the white line on his face - raccoon thing maybe?

Mat's profile from the Raccoon Society (hard to read sorry)
And did I mention he was on Broadway in "Spiderman - Turn Off The Dark"?
Couldn't find many pics though.

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  1. I totally agree with you. He is very cute and I really like his voice.

    Kill Hannah is one of those bands I discovered through my son. He had one of their t-shirts back when he was in high school. In fact, he was wearing it in one of his class pictures...lol. I definitely remember hearing the song Lips Like Morphine.