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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday & this & that

I definitely have a few WIPs that need to be whipped into shape and I love that little pic. :)

Progress update:

Olympic Football: I finished and subbed my Olympic football story - it came out at 8000 words just between the 5 and 10k parameters. I think it's a sweet story and it shows I may have even learned something during all my Euro Cup watching because I actually used some football words. :) I think I'll hear next week whether it will be accepted for the anthology.

Ancient Greece - Olympics: This one has been put aside for now. It ended up at 10k before it was 3/4 finished and I think the relationship overrode the Olympics part a little too much. Eventually Xanthos and Lykos will see the light of day but for now they're sleeping peacefully.

Day of Porn: Lol, yes you read that correct. On Monday, July 16 (OMG it's next week) the lovely Samantha Derr is hosting this event on LJ and I'm really hoping to write for it. It's open to fics or pics, fanfic, original, slash, het - so basically anything goes. This pic is what I'm wanting to write about. :)  Was there every any doubt. :P Perhaps, if I have time I'll slip in an Alexander/Hephaistion too. :P Anyone have any other suggestions or ideas?  It's not going to happen but be sure to check out Sam's original post. Day of Porn.

Ali's story (Family of Misfits 2) (not the actual title): So far this one is only thoughts and 1000 words of notes but I've had people ask for it already. I do know where it's going but I just have to get them there. I promise to have it out by the end of the year and I know it's going to be fun to write Ali and his spirit mate. :) (I'm still struggling to find a stock photo of Ali and Lucius, too - dammit)

Ho Ho Ho MLR Christmas stories: I'm hoping to do a short sequel to Countdown to Daddies - with the babies having their first Christmas with their daddies. Better get my butt working on that.

Kiss Me at Midnight collection: This one's for Less Than Three Press. A collection of stories based on a new year, a new start. No ideas yet but I have some time to mull it over. Anyone have any suggestions?

Rocking Hard serial story: I've started this one - barely - and will be using characters from my The P.I. and the Rockstar story that will be in the Private Dicks anthology from Less Than Three. I think it's due out in September or October. You gotta know this call is right up my alley considering my obsession for rockstars. :P

Rockstar (health issue) story: I have this 26,000 word story that I was never able to finish for one of NaNoWriMo. It's not done and I haven't looked at it for a while but eventually I'll brush it off and see what I can do for it. Can't just trash it - it's Rockstars. :)

Home on the Ranch 2: I started this one for Valentine's Day (13,000 words) but it went too long and I got bogged down with working out where I wanted it to go. Josiah and Wyatt will be back though. They still have a lot to say.

Outfoxed: Outfoxed was my first original story - ever, at least for public consumption - and was a free read. I'm going to spruce it up a bit and continue on from where it left off and hopefully publish the whole thing together. I miss my rockers boys and the added part is already at 15,000 words.

Sam & Jandro: You might have noticed this one on my main blog page. It's a story that I wrote a few years ago when I was just beginning to write fanfiction. It's very rough and I believe I've honed my skills a little since I wrote it. It's a touching story about family and hate and love, and my characters are absolute sweethearts. I hope to get back to it eventually and see if anyone else is as interested in it as I am. It's 82,000 words at the moment - holy crap. :)

In other news: I finished my first round of edits on Domestic Relations for Less Than Three and have ones for The P.I. and the Rockstar sitting on my desktop waiting for attention. I also was able to pimp Lucius' Bite in my friend Zathyn Priest's new digi GLBT magazine The Scarlet Letter and I might be doing a blog post for the next issue. Check it out - there's something for everyone and it's kind of awesome, even if I am a little biased.

And in real life: I still haven't sorted out my cruise pics but I will soon. Last night my sister, my crutch and I saw Seether at the Calgary Stampede (if you don't know what that is, google it - it's sort of Calgary's claim to fame 10 day cowboy party - but we are not all cowboys trust me) It's the 100th anniversary - um...yahoo. To be honest I only go down when there's a band I want to see - and Seether is one of my faves. Anyhow, my boys rocked the park for an hour and a half - and hour and half of bliss for me. So awesome to see them by themselves and without other bands to take up their time. I'll post a couple of pics here.

On Friday, I'm going to another Stampede sort of thing - the Oxford Stomp. It's band-related, of course. Big Wreck, Theory of a Deadman, and the headliner GOO GOO DOLLS. Yeah, I kind of love them, too. It's all outside so I'm praying for some cloud cover or I'll be a hurting unit because it starts at 3 in the afternoon. I will be cowboy-hatted for this one - my Vancouver Pride cowboy hat - and my crutch and husband will accompany me.

And speaking of the knee and crutch - I'm scheduled for my next steroid injection on Tuesday so I hope everyone will keep their fingers crossed that it'll work this time. I want to go to Vancouver Pride crutchless. :) Sorry this was so long-winded. Have a great rest of the week.

 The Goo Goo Dolls will be rocking the stomp. Love my Johnny and Robbie

I think Thor and Loki will approve of my story. :)

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