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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday - Bruno Spinelli

Maybe I should call this Tuesday - Tattooed-Musctacular Tuesday. ;)

Bruno Spinelli is a late twenty-something personal trainer and part-time model in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I don't know much else about him except he does have his profile on a gay dating site - which, yeah, could mean nothing. He's hot and built like a little brick shithouse that's been artfully decorated to compliment its stunning architecture. Okay - I'll stop there before I go off on some purple prose-like tangent. Enjoy Bruno. (and his adorable dog in some pics) He's a bit muscly for me but I love his tattoos and he has a killer smile. Don't you agree?


  1. Oh yes! Love the tatts and his smile. Actually, my favorite is the third picture with his dog. He has such a happy look on his face. :)

  2. I love the pic too. Just a boy and his dog - smile lights up the sky I swear. :)

  3. You wana see his cock?
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    bruno spinelli

  4. I want to know why must a man this hot be gay..... :(