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Monday, July 16, 2012

Day of Porn offering - Just a Rat in a Cage - NC-17

Title: Just a Rat in a Cage
Fandom: Avengers, Thor, Thoroki
Pairings: Thor/Loki
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing and nothing is true.
Warnings: God-incest
A/N: Written for rykaine’s Day of Porn – and I’m almost on time. J

"I wish to speak to my brother alone."

“You mean the rat in the cage? Be my guest.”

“I will not have you insulting my brother, man of iron. No matter his crimes, he still remains an Asgardian.”

Loki grinned but kept his eyes closed. He knew Thor wouldn't be satisfied with the way they'd ended things on the cliff. He wasn't satisfied either... in much more important ways. If that stupidly suited moron with the shield and that ridiculous bucket of bolts hadn't shown up, Loki would have had his brother begging at his feet to get them both off right there on the edge of that cliff. It had been so long... too long since he'd felt Thor's lips on his, Thor’s hands caressing over his skin, Thor’s very essence filling Loki up like no one else ever had.

"I require some privacy with my brother. Can you not blacken the outside walls of his confinement and quiet the microphones so I might talk some sense into him?"

Sense, indeed. There had never been any sense between Thor and Loki, and certainly talking inside a glass cage would not change all that had passed between them. But it did appear they'd gone through a role reversal of sorts.

As children, Thor had been the spontaneous, mischievous one who dragged Loki and everyone around him into his schemes and whims. He'd never cared about whether he was causing mayhem or strife to those who loved and looked up to him. No, Thor had been the selfish, inattentive one who just expected others to clean up after him, and unfortunately because of Loki's attachment to his brother, he’d been the one to take the brunt of the aftereffects.

But now, ever since Thor had fallen to this disgustingly mundane planet, he'd become responsible and dependable, and Loki had taken his rightful place as the God of Mischief. And he intended to show his power in every way he possible.

The crackle of electricity alerted Loki to his brother's presence. A warm hand stroked across his cheek as he remained prone and closed-lidded on the uncomfortable cot against the wall. His nose tingled at the familiar musky fragrance of his brother; all Thor with none of the perfumed, odorous nonsense these humans doused themselves in. He was instantly—painfully—aroused by the mere scent and chaste touch of his brother's fingers, and as the need deepened inside him he struggled to hold his stoic position. He wanted to hear what Thor had to say before he put his own plan into motion.

"Does your body honestly recline in slumber, my brother? Or do you lay in a state of waiting for the perfect chance to escape?" Thor's breath was hot against Loki's cheek, his mouth so close he felt the brush of lips against his skin. Then in the most improbability of all improbabilities, Thor kissed Loki on the mouth—soft, gentle, lingering. "I've missed you, Loki. You shall never imagine how much."

It took Loki under five seconds to pin Thor to the glass wall, their bodies flush against one another, clothed cocks aching, straining, rubbing. "Care to prove just how much?" Loki's words slurred lustfully as he gazed into the bright blue eyes of the only being he'd ever truly loved. He wondered if more than just Thor's attitude and outwardly behavior had changed. Perhaps he no longer hungered as he once had?

Loki didn't have time to ponder before he was suddenly grabbed, pushed and flattened against the very spot he'd thrown his brother. Thor's lips covered his again and Loki's mouth was assaulted and prodded by the powerful, determined force of his tongue. He pushed back against Thor's mighty chest, widening his stance and struggling to clear his head, at least momentarily. Thor held tight, his fingers digging roughly into the fabric of Loki's jacket.

It would have been easy for Loki to tear himself away from Thor's manhandling. He could just teleport, not out of the hideous glass box of course, but out of his brother's reach. He could also duplicate himself and confuse poor Thor as he'd done more than once in the past but somehow letting Thor take control—think he had control—was the more delicious option.

Loki gasped and tore his mouth from Thor's when his feet were kicked further apart and Thor's hand fisted in his hair. "I'm torn between being very angry with you, brother, and wanting to penetrate you, to soothe this ache in my loins I’ve suffered since we parted."

Loki tilted his head to the side, lapping and sucking at the sensitive skin of Thor's earlobe. His words vibrated against Thor's neck. "And what have you decided? Shall you woo me with angry words or with the promise of satisfying the lust that exists, that has always existed between us?” He dragged the flat of his tongue over Thor’s bristly jaw, the shiver vibrating Thor’s body making Loki shiver with want himself. “Has this planet made you soft in more ways than one, brother?"

Thor growled and shoved Loki harder against the wall. He angled himself so he straddled Loki's right leg, the hardness of his groin straining against Loki's hip. "Does this not answer your question? You bring out the very things I've tried to control in myself, brother. The things I fought so hard to change."

Sliding one hand between their bodies, Loki palmed the bulge in Thor's pants. The fabric was too thick for Loki to feel the leaking tip of the dick beneath but instinct told him it was indeed damp inside those pristine black pants. His mouth watered just thinking about it and since thinking satisfied neither of them, he smoothly slithered his way down Thor's body to find out for himself.

A moan filled the steely silence of the glass cage, Thor's passion pouring from him without restraint just as Loki remembered had always been the case. It was pure bliss when Thor moaned again, reacting loudly to Loki mouthing and tonguing the shape of his shaft. Loki knew he'd been right when the sweet aroma of his brother's pre-come assaulted and thrilled his nostrils.

"Are you still angry with me, Thor? Do you wish me to halt in order that you might berate me for my behavior?"

Thor's response was primal and raw as he fisted Loki's long locks in one hand and tore open the flap of his own pants with the other. Loki's trickery was rewarded with a big, thick cock shoved half-way down his throat. He gagged for a second before recovering himself and pulling back from Thor's groin. He'd forgotten how well-endowed his brother was and how delectable he tasted on his tongue. He had no idea how he'd survived without Thor for so long. When they were together it was as if a long-extinguished flame was relit and his whole body reacted to Thor's touch, his scent, even the stern warmth of his voice.

"Did that woman from earth taste you as I've tasted you so many times, brother?" Loki hummed against Thor's inner thigh, his fingers ghosting between Thor's legs to tickle and tease the tightness of his balls. Thor bucked his hips forward but Loki held him tight, placing both hands on his muscled thighs as he completed his query. "Did she quiver and quake at your feet or demand you pillage her mouth hard and fast as I know you like?"

There was nothing more passionate than Thor caught in the throes of lust, or at least Loki had never experienced anything—anyone—as raw and ruthless as his brother during sexual relations. Thor grunted and arched his back, encouraging Loki to continue and he did. He sucked Thor's cock between his lips, relaxing his throat for what he suspected—hoped—was to come next. He wasn't disappointed. Thor bucked his hips forward again, both hands winding and tugging in Loki's hair while he thrust in and out of his mouth. 

Loud groans and growls filled the room, Thor's passionate cries and gasps surely penetrating the walls of the glass cage. Loki was just getting accustomed to the feeling of having his jaw stretched to its capacity, the sporadic rhythm and power of Thor's lust, and the delicious taste of his essence on his tongue, when he was roughly grabbed by the shoulders, his body pulled and tugged until he was upright. Thor flattened him to the wall, his mouth crushing Loki's until the metallic flavor of blood sweetened the kiss.

When they shoved away to breath, each huffing and panting to pull air into their overworked lungs, Loki’s fingersyanked hard in Thor’s hair. “What’s next, brother? Do we leave each other in the agony of unsated lust or will you justify my existence by fucking me right through this glass cage?”

Thor growled deep in his throat before shoving his hand down the back of Loki’s pants. It was Loki’s turn to gasp and arch his back. Thor’s fingers were as massive as the rest of him yet they slid easily over Loki’s sweat-dampened lower back and down into the crack of his ass. One finger managed to rub over Loki’s hole but there wasn’t enough room for much else. Thor obviously agreed because he pulled his hand back, dropped to his knees and yanked Loki’s pants down to his ankles—of course, without bothering to unfasten them. Loki cringed momentarily with the sudden friction against his cock but when it was finally released, his lust returned full force.

“Boots, Thor. Take off my boots.”

Thor made quick work of the request, tossing one then the other across the room. Loki’s pants were next, sailing over to land on the cot against the wall. He sucked in a stuttered breath when Thor’s mouth engulfed him in one mighty gulp. He sucked hard and fast, one hand wrapped around the base of Loki’s dick and the other finding its way to the Loki’s crack again. There was no “hey, how’s it going” with Thor. It was all passion and action all the time and Loki was ecstatic that had remained the same with his brother.

But Loki had no intention of letting Thor take the reins, now or every again, so after a few violent thrusts and jabs against the back of Thor’s throat, he pulled out. Thor looked up at him with lust-glazed eyes, his hair disheveled and a small trail of drool dripping from one cover of his mouth.

“You do not wish—“

Loki cut off his words with a hard shove backwards but Thor held his footing, merely stepping back still in his crouched position.

“I wish for you to fuck me hard and fast, Thor. Coming in your mouth is what humans call heaven but coming on your cock is better suited for gods such as us.”

Thor rose from his squat, his cock red and raging as it bumped against his flat belly. “Preparation? I do not wish to hurt you.”

Loki cackled and turned towards the wall, his feet shoulder width apart and palms flat against the glass. “Fuck me, brother. Fuck me like it’s the last time you’ll ever fuck me.”

“I do not like the sound of your words, Loki. They sound far too permanently fatalistic.”

He heard the indecision and sadness in Thor’s voice but it was neither the time nor the place for emotional drivel. Yes, Thor loved him, and yes, Loki loved Thor with all his heart—at least what was left of his heart—but in their current situation, all that mattered was feeling Thor’s skin next to his, feeling his cock fill his ass, feeling his orgasm swell and explode inside him.

Loki canted his hips and stuck out his ass. He reached backwards and snagged Thor’s hand, yanking the big man closer and pressing a kiss to his knuckles. “This is not goodbye, Thor. Is it not more of a perfect hello? Please. I need you. Do not make me beg.”

With a kiss to the back of Loki’s head, Thor blanketed his body with his own before rubbing his stiff cock up and down the crack of Loki’s ass. Loki shuddered when the tip brushed his entrance. He widened his stance a little more, moving both sweaty hands to balance himself on the wall. Thor pressed in a little more, the head of his dick firmly encased between Loki’s cheeks. Pre-come slickened the way when Thor finally pushed in.

Loki sucked in a breath and dropped his forehead to the wall. Tight, so fucking tight. Thor paused with only the head of his cock breaching Loki’s hole and Loki suddenly had had enough. He shoved his body back, impaling himself fully on Thor’s cock before they got let out matching groans of pleasure mixed with pain.

“Am I hurting you?” Ever the thoughtful one or at least as of late, Thor still hadn’t gotten the hint so Loki took further action. He pushed back again before quickly easing back then repeated the process until Thor deemed it okay to oh my god just fuck him!

Finally getting into the groove, Thor wrapped one hand around Loki’s waist, the other covering one of Loki’s hands on the wall. He bucked his hips fast, little jabs penetrating shallowly: once, twice, three times before almost pulling out then thrusting hard and deep. Loki pressed back, his prostate aching and tingling as Thor assaulted him from within.

A bite to the back of his neck made Loki turn his head and his mouth was immediately captured by his brother’s determined lips. They kissed and licked, bodies pumping and grinding until there was barely any energy left in their bodies, until their lungs screamed for relief and until they both came with a burst of sticky seed and a chorus of elated cries.

Afterwards they lay in a heap, bodies sated and almost destroyed, their arms wrapped tightly around one another. Once Loki regained his ability to think and to speak, he knew he needed to get up and off his brother. Staying in his arms would only fuel the fire of wanting Thor by his side, of needing Thor by his side. It wasn’t a possibility, at least until he’d performed that which he’d promised. Unfortunately, the look of pure contentment on Thor’s face made Loki fear it might already be too late to.

He opened his mouth to speak just as the invisible door hissed open. The one who wore the ridiculous metal suit stood in the doorway, his hands full of different items and a knowing smirk plastered on his face.

“I…um… thought you might need some supplies. Do they even have Wet Ones on Asgard? Anyway, I’ve brought you some because they are so damn handy in situations like this and trust me I know what I’m talking about. If I had to count how many times these things have saved my ass or well, you know, cleaned my ass and other parts, I don’t even thing I could add them—”

“Stark! Give them what they need and get the heck out of there.”

“Aye aye, Captain,” Stark bellowed back. “Kind of a bossy old guy, isn’t he? He claims to not have enjoyed the show but his uniform seemed a little tighter than usual. Not that it isn’t usually tight but well—“

Thor moved away from Loki, quickly tucking himself back in and facing Stark nose to nose. “You assured me we would have our privacy.”

Stark shook his head and Loki covered his own smile with his hand. “Um… no, I really don’t think I did. We can certainly hit the playback to see if I said it, though. I believe we have the video and audio of everything that’s happened since you entered the facility. Could make for a great night’s viewing. Maybe even give the Capsicle some ideas.”


“All we need is popcorn. Oh, fuck. I bet we have some of that. Cap! Do we have any popcorn?”

“Stark! I’m going to kill you!”

“Maybe instead of, you know, killing me right now, you could just ask Fury if we have any popcorn. Hot air or even microwave will work. Wait, do you even know what a microwave is?”


Stark turned back to an angry Thor and an amused Loki. “Anyhow, here’s the wipes and some towels and some lube just in case you, you know, have any more talking to do. And by the way, Point Break, I’d totally get those drapes dry-cleaned. Rock of Ages really did a number on messing them up. Cheers.”

Loki fell on his back to the floor, the laughter rolling from his mouth while Thor hovered over him. “You knew all the time that they were observing us. Didn’t you?” The smirk never left Loki’s face. “For Father’s sake, cover yourself, brother. Have we not given these mortals enough of a show?”

“But I’m not sure they captured my good side. Perhaps we should try again on the other side of the room?”

“Open the door!” were the last words Loki heard from his brother. He rolled to his stomach, watching Thor’s progress when he left the cage, his arms flailing over his head and his mouth surely yelling words not befit for a god.

Loki slid a hand to down the back of his thigh, his finger playing in the stickiness that covered his bottom and legs. Bringing the finger to his lips, he sucked it into his mouth and closed his eyes again. He’ll be back.