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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ramblings, updates, hiatus (sort of)

<---THIS! Yes.

I do need more time despite flitting and procrastinating it away the past couple of weeks. I leave Tuesday for a 12 night cruise to Northern Europe, all in total gone from June 5-23 and I am not prepared. Haven't decided what I can wear (read - what I can fit into that's not disgusting on me), what I should take (I'm an obsessive over-packer), what can stay behind (not much - kitchen sink maybe?) Anyone have any must-sees or suggestions for London, England - we'll be there 3 nights after the cruise?

I'm also a little discouraged that I have two new releases coming out while I'm gone. Author fail in the promo department, a department I suck at anyhow. Countdown to Daddies is a sweet story if I do say so myself but it's Lucius' Bite that is the meat and potatoes of my books at the moment. In the back of my mind I have this notion that if it does marginally well, if people like it, then I am finally an author. It's probably because it's my longest to date, my first book I'll be able to hold in my hand because it will be in print, plus it's a genre I've never written (not even really in fanfiction). I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself, even hesitating on really starting the next one in the series because if Lucius flops, there's no point.

I will be making up a couple scheduled posts with a give-away on Countdown to Daddies (comes out June 15) and Lucius' Bite (June 22) and hopefully blogger won't screw those up. I'd appreciate it if you read those posts that you'd tweet the links or whatever, just to get the word out. I have a couple of other blogs doing give-aways, too, and will keep try to update you on that.

As for the promo thing, most days I just don't have a clueI know there are no guarantees in writing and unless you really put yourself out there, nothing will happen for you but sometimes it's discouraging. I'm also feeling some readers/buyers guilt because I've finally realized that waiting to buy books at All Romance (for the deals), Fictionwise (for the sales) or even on Amazon (for the format) severely cuts into the royalties of authors. My first royalty statements cleared that up in my mind and I'm definitely going to try to buy my books right from the publishers now. Third party sales are wicked hard on the author. I've definitely learned a lesson and it's discouraging because I know why people (myself) buy them from those distributors so asking someone to just buy from the pubs is unfair. This isn't a lecture by any means, just a realization that struck home hard and fast.

Domestic Relations is on the cusp of being submitted to Less Than Three - those last few edits, revisions and read-throughs just seem like hell to me. I don't have a release date yet for my pretty lawyer boys, but I'm thinking near the end of the summer. When I get a cover I'll share that too.

I have some end-of-Hop ends to tied up (thanks again to all who participated - I believe it was a success) on top of the editing, packing and freaking out so I should get my procrastinating butt moving on at least doing something - my mood's been low so that just adds to my lack of motivation.  Hopefully I'll get one more post in before I leave. Have a great weekend.

Oh and if you're going to the movies this weekend (and decide not to go to The Avengers LOL 
- it's only been 4 times for me), keep in mind this movie is out with the lovely 
(sexy, hot-as-fuck) Chris Hemsworth. :)


  1. K-lee, I feel your pain. I am the biggest procrastinator ever. I'm pretty sure I got that trait from my mom. She is the big traveler in our family, but anytime she goes on a trip you can bet she will be up the whole night before she leaves trying to pack. She always takes way too much stuff. Then she is totally exhausted the next day. I kind of do this, too, and it drives my husband crazy. Guess that's why we haven't traveled together very much. Good luck getting everything together and try not to stress over your upcoming releases. I'm sure they will be great! I will be sending positive vibes your way. :)

    Imagine my surprise at seeing a picture of Chris Hemsworth at the end of your post...lol. Yes, he is very hot! :D

  2. Yay! I finally got caught up on the blogs I follow and got to read your reply to my post last weekend - oh, they are lovely and young, aren't these boys, but we're still allowed to admire without being creepy, right?!?

    I'll try and check in more often during next week so I can tweet posts for your new releases, because I'll be watching for them myself anyway!!!

    Have a fantastic trip - you had asked about things to do in London for 3 days, it's been years since I've been there, but if you can take a bus tour of the city, that is cool because you get to see all the major sites and maybe now they have a tour related to the Olympics! Be careful if you decide to walk though, walk signs are a mere suggestion in London!!!

    Take care and we'll talk to you soon - maybe have dinner when you get back so you can tell me all about your trip :)

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