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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A little ranting and rambling for a Sunday

I've neglected this blog again, so what else is new right? I just can't seem to get the hang of posting every day or even every other day with all the writing I'm trying to do and all of the RL crap that I'm dealing with. And to be perfectly honest, sometimes I don't see a lot of point in taking the time to blog at all.

In whining news ~ I generally have a congregation of one - thank you Lisa - and sometimes two - thank you Diane - and though I guess I write this mostly for myself, it gets discouraging. I know I'm whining, maybe even being a self-righteous bitch, but venting is part of blogging, is it not? Anyhow, my mood is low and RL is busy at the moment, both of which would explain the maudlin tone of this post so far.

In writing news ~ I'm stuck in a world of revising, adding and editing at the moment. My latest manuscript - Domestic Relations - is in the final stages of being completion before being submitted and it's driving me up the freaking wall. It seems when I get to this stage in all my longer stories, I end up wanting to throw my laptop or iPad out the window so I never have to look at those damn words and those stupid characters (that I know I still love) anymore.

It makes it harder to immerse myself in what I'm doing and what I need right now is to just get the damn thing done and out of my hands. One of the issues is not having had anyone look it over for me, except near the beginning, so my insecurity rises sending my confidence crashing to the ground and all I'm left with is what-the-fuck am I writing and who-the-fuck wants to read this anyway. ~~big dramatic sighs~~

In publishing news ~ Countdown to Daddies comes out June 15 (I think) and Lucius' Bite (Family of Misfits 1) on the 22nd from MLR. Both of which I will be away for - great. I'm thinking about doing a give-away but not sure there's a point to that either. Yeah, I'm not what you'd call a sparkling example of an enthusiastic writer at the moment which is really too bad because it's a big jump for me - two releases in one month, one of them my first novel-length and print edition. My free read for LIAW ~Lazy Sundays~ is due out on July 5 and I have a pretty cover courtesy of Megan Derr. Still love characters boys so hard.

In RL news ~ I leave on the 5th for London to board the ship for our 12 day Northern European cruise and unfortunately, I'm not excited yet. I know I will be and maybe getting this book finished and out of my hands for a while, will let me relax enough to freak out and get excited. I also know part of the issue is figuring out what to wear when you're so used to messing around in your pjs and sweats all day, and completely loathe having to put on real clothes everyday, especially when I hate how I look in everything. ~stops whining~

Also in RL, I saw Seether a week and a half ago. Awesome as usual though they never get true credit for what they do. Also went to baby boy's gig this past week ~til 2 in the morning may I add~ watching him always makes me happy.

AND I got to live out a bit of a fangirl moment this week as well.
Not sure how many people outside of Canada know of Great Big Sea but they are an absolute favourite of mine and I got to meet, get a pic and autograph after seeing Alan Doyle (lead singer) on his solo tour. The venue was under 500 people, a theatre actually, and it was the most awesome show ever. His voice is amazing and when he sings without instruments, I get total goosebumps. Wasn't going to post the pic with me in it but what the hell - don't judge, just had my hair did that day and hadn't fixed it my own way though (and it's a horrible as fuck pic of me). Alan is sweeter than pie, called me "love' and even tried out my crutch. Lol. Love him. Check out his album. :)

Finally something else much less appreciative - unfortunately this could be considered a self-righteous rant as well. I was one of the organizers of the Hop Against Homophobia and though it went far better than expected, one incident has put a damper on the whole thing for me. One of the participants, who put themselves out there in their post, received a comment so vile and unnecessary it made my skin crawl. The commenter slammed the blogger's way of life, character, profession and even their family under the guise of religious belief. It was an atrocious mix of words from a person clearly looking for attention, completely delusional in their thinking, someone so homophobic I wanted to crawl through the screen and wrap my hands around their neck. Yes, I know violence will not solve the problem but the over-the-top road rage I feel when I'm stuck in traffic has nothing on what I felt when I read that comment. I'm not looking for answers or advice. I just needed to vent about an issue that despite not being something that personally affects to me, makes me seriously question the thoughts, words and actions of people who claim God guides them. No offence to anyone with religious beliefs or anyone who believes in God, but that boat sailed for me a long time ago and at the moment I'm really glad to not be on it.

 In closing, I'll make myself happy with some Thor (Chris Hemsworth) pics (update - I've seen The Avengers 4 times now - don't judge)


  1. I have to say I'm quite stunned you don't have Tom Hiddleston pics included as well!!! Although I looked him up on IMDB yesterday and while I expected him to be young, did not expect a birth year of 1981...ouch!
    For the other items, for how you feel about the current project, I would lay bets it is a great story that should be published, so I hope the iPad or computer do not take flight with it on it!!!
    While I'm sad someone managed to post something negative during the Hop, I guess if there was only one, that is almost something to be proud of. Like you, I don't understand judgement or hate, and always think of the Depeche Mode song "People are People", it's rather timeless really! I still have not made it through all the posts and whoever had that message posted did not take it to heart too much - the person who posted it is not worth it, someone hiding behind fear mongering and giving those who have real faith a bad name by using the name "God" as justification for their judgements!
    I hope you have fun on your trip, don't worry about what to wear - from what I recall from when my sister worked on a ship, a dress up outfit or two for dinner, the rest is pretty much what makes you comfortable....after PJ's I guess! You looked nice both times I've met you so I'm sure that will be fine!
    And Seether will be at the Coca Cola stage for Stampede! Not sure you'll be able to get near the stage, but I thought that was kinda cool!
    Take care, search some more pics of The Avengers, listen to Seether and Alan and I hope you have a fantastic afternoon!

  2. Thank you sweetheart. You know I always appreciate the comments you make. :) Yes Tom is young and his birthday is 3 days before me and *ahem* a few years later. But Chris is even younger - 29 in August. You know I'll be posting more Thor/Loki pics at some point and yes, Tom/Loki will be featured. I'm glad you appreciate them because I love posting them.

    My laptop and iPad are still intact and I've taken some time today to not look at the story. So desperate I even did laundry and cleaned the kitchen - that is a red alert right there. I'll go back to it tonight and hopefully finish it off. I think I'm always like this at the end of the longer books.

    YES! Seether at the Coke stage - not up front? Are you kidding me? It's called hanging out at the stage all day, dear. Former groupie remember? We'll have to meet there. :)

    Alan was so awesome and he sang "Where I Belong" without the band or any instruments at the very end. I had tingles. Such a sweet and funny man too. He played 2 hours plus 1/2 hour of the opening singer - Dustin Bentall - he was good, from Vancouver too. New 20th year Great Big Sea album next year - yays!

    I have Alan playing right now - how did you know?

  3. Hi K-lee! Sorry you're having a bad day. I have them too, but I don't have a blog to rant on. That's what my husband and son are for...lol. Just ask them! :D

    Seriously though, I can understand being frustrated when no one takes the time to comment on your blog. It seems like you put a lot of time and effort into it. I would want some feedback even if it's just someone saying hello or that they like the pictures I posted. I haven't been following blogs for very long, but I will admit that in the beginning I never left comments. Maybe that's what others do, just look around. I try to do better now.

    Just wanted to say what a great job y'all did with the Hop Against Homophobia. I read some really touching and inspiring stories on so many blogs. Even made donations to some great organizations. Thanks for all your hard work. Sorry someone had to make such hateful remarks. Makes me furious, too.

    Try not to stress too much about your writing. I'm sure everything will work out. Maybe the cruise is just what you need. A little time away from everything and a chance to relax. If that doesn't work, listen to music. That always make me feel better. :)


    Not only do we share the same taste in music, sounds like we like the same kind of clothes...lol. The more comfortable, the better. Since I don't work anymore, I hardly ever dress up.

  4. I'm glad you got some good things out of the Hop. I think we had some great posts and it all turned out amazingly well for a first year. :)

    I finished the book I was struggling with - it's off to a beta then edits by me then submission by June 1st. Thank the God of Thunder for that. Lol. Ha. I knew I could work him into every conversation if I tried. :) I already know which WIP will be next on my hit list - well more than one as usual.

    This week will be getting my house back into shape and shoveling out my room, plus trying to figure out what to pack - guh, I hate that.

    Thanks, sweetheart. I always smile when I see you've commented.