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Monday, May 28, 2012

Music Mondays - Great Big Sea (kitchen party, anyone?)

Great Big Sea is a Canadian treasure, another band on my top 5 list and one I've seen them at least 5 times, as well. They're from Newfoundland, formed in 1993 and are still going strong. They've been described as folk-rock and rock-celtic and are known for their interpretations of traditional Newfie sea shanties... BUT they are so much more than that.

Over the years GBS has explored different kinds of music from folk to rock to more poppier tunes, and of course, beer-drinking kitchen-party music. They're songs inspire fun and hope and just plain inspiration. They are an absolutely awesome band to see live no matter how big the venue but the smaller ones are more suited to some of the a capella songs they like to sing.

Alan Doyle does the main vocals but they all take a turn or two at the mic, especially when it comes to the raucous, teasing banter that always sounds so natural and unforced. These guys have known each other since they were young so there's a lot of stories to be told, a lot of ribbing to be done (lately it's been about Alan's starry-eyed appearance in the movie Robin Hood with his bff Russell Crowe) and a lot of caring in everything they say to each other. And may I mention the amount of instruments involved in a Great Big Sea concert? The norms like drums, acoustic and electric guitars, but also mandolins, fiddles, tin whistles, bouzouki, bodhran, bones, accordions, concertinas and hell, even bagpipes on occasion.

All these instruments mixed with the voices and most especially (only my opinion) Alan's fabulous vocals, and the heart-felt or sometimes funny lyrics make for wonderful and unique songs.  I was lucky enough to catch Alan's solo show this week and I was blown away by the strength and precision of his voice, even with all his banter in between songs. Just like a normal GBS concert, he sang for almost 2 hours and put on one hell of an awesome show. And he also assured us there would be a new GBS album out in 2013 to mark their 20th anniversary. Can you tell I'm a fan? Give them a chance, guys, they'll entertain you. :) (as always I've posted far too many videos but then I always know where to find them right? Though I'd never admit I have most of them on my iTunes anyhow :D)

Love this cover. :)

Live concert video - fabulous.

Just a really cute video.

One of those "sea shanties". :)

Alan has his "Robin Hood" beard in this one - lol - I'm not a fan of it. :P

From their last album - live - there's a long intro for the song but it's actually really interesting. It's a song that makes me cry every time.

And since I've totally hooked on Alan's solo album, not to mention I've been crushing on him or years (and I have this strange obsession with watching his lower body when he's singing - it fascinates me - and no, not his crotch cuz that's usually covered by the guitar - his GBS bandmate has described Alan's movements like he "always has to pee" lol - but alas, I find him sexy as hell) And it's not even that he's like rockstar hot, he's just got this boundless, addicting energy and smile and voice, and a normal man body. Lol.

At the gig the other night, it was a small theatre of about 500 people - fabulous acoustics for his voice - and he was in the lobby after signing autographs, taking pics and just chatting. He called me "love" and tried to use my crutch (really he's not that much taller than me) and I definitely gushed a little bit inside. Lol. TMI I know. :)  Anyhow here's a couple songs from his new album "Boy on Bridge".  Enjoy.

And yes, poor man even did a little performance at a couple Costcos in Canada - why are those people not gushing all over him???

Gratuitous Alan pics. :)

Alan Doyle, Sean McCann, Great Big Sea

In Robin Hood (he was Alan A'Dale (left) - the minstrel, played by the fox in the Disney version. :)

Russell has also sang on stage with Alan and GBS a few times

(they also both appeared in an episode of The Republic of Doyle (Canadian tv series) together

I swear this could be a pic of Alan and Russell's love child. :P

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  1. Well, thank you for introducing me to another band I've never heard of. :) Their songs are very upbeat. Run Runaway and Captain Kidd could put anyone in a good mood. I also like their slower songs, especially Sea of No Cares.

    His song Where the Nightingales Sing is so pretty.

    He and Russell Crowe definitely look like they could be related. :D