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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday - Parker Hurley (model)

Parker Hurley is a 25 yr. old artist, nerd, gamer, pancake enthusiast and model. He is currently living in LA pursuing an acting career. <-- Facebook bio. 

He's also sexy, flirty, has a lot of different looks and has some interesting tattoos, not the least of which are the turquoise circles on his back. In an interview he said "they give me strength and balance where I need it most." They also apparently have something to do with the brain surgery he had. Now on to the pretty.


  1. He's gorgeous! A few of those pictures remind me of a young Matthew McConnaughey. Yum!!!

  2. He does look similar definitely. He has some interesting tats too - I love the birds on his side. Thanks Lisa. You never let me down. :)