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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Gratitude & Giving Day 5 - W.S. Long

I’m grateful for blue skies, rainy days, rainbows, sunrises and sunsets, full moons and flowers in bloom. I’m grateful for reading, books, writers and readers like you.

What I’m giving is my latest ebook, “Love and Pain.” If you win, you must provide me your amazon email.

How to win: post something from a book that you love, whether it’s a character, a storyline, a quote, a cover, or a trope. Name the book, character and author (not any of my writing) and tell me why you love it!  A winner will be chosen on December 13. Good luck!


Immigrant, military-brat, gay veteran. During the day, Spencer practices law but at night he reads and writes male-male romance under the pen name W.S. Long.  He loves to travel or dreams about traveling with his husband, a mild-mannered college professor.

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  1. My favourite author is Cardeno C. The characters are always strong and drive the plot, the stories are sweet, sexy and funny, and usually low on drama and strife. This works for me because I love MM romance, and my RL has too much drama and strife. I need my reading to be a happy escape! Thanks for the opportunity ��

  2. One of my favourite book is "Do-over By Amy Lane it's funny and sweet I often re-read it.

    “I TOTALLY didn’t see that coming,” Dagiel said, and Engall looked at the bus, which had come skidding out of nowhere, and at the splat that his big, ungainly body had become, and had to agree.
    “Well, if I’d seen it coming, I wouldn’t have stepped off the curb, would I?” he snapped back unhappily.


  3. One of my favorite character couples come from the In Death series of Nora Roberts. I love Eve and Roarke! I actually love almost all of her characters, they are so well written. In M/M, one of my favs is Sandrine Gasq Dion, characters Vince and Mateo

  4. I like all kinds of tropes. Some of ny favorite are enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, gfy, shifter and so many more.

    One of my favorite lines is from Heidi Cullinan's Nowhere Ranch. This part always makes me smile and is a good reminder that love is love.
    “You are such an ass man. You do know I have a cock too, yeah?”
    He glanced down at my groin in mock surprise. “My God. I had no idea.” But when I tried to shove at him, he brushed me aside. “Be still. I need to investigate.”

    1. I Love it! Send me your Amazon email address, Jessica. Yon can email it to me at wslongauthor@gmail.com...
      --W.S. Long

  5. The Quality of Mercy by J.S. Cook...or really any book written by this author. What I love most in her books is the writing - it's unique (in the context of MM genre of course),thought-provoking and since her specialty are historical novels set in '30s ,when I read her books it's like I traveled into the past.


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