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Friday, December 21, 2012

Christian Kane pick-me-up (or Christian Kane pic spam #3)

Just some cuteness for the day - it is the holidays after all. Everyone needs some cheer. :)
**Edit - as usual this became obsessive and way longer than expected -
sorry about that... um... no, I'm not. Happy Holidays!

Eliot - all guylinered-up

..Christian and BFFs...

I adore the Steve Carlson love (I know, I know, RPS is bad but yeah, I ship it)

...with David Boreanaz

(Steve Carlson, Jensen Ackles, Christian Kane)

...with Jensen Ackles

...& Clayne Crawford

...scene with Christian & Clayne from The Donner Party

Beating the crap out of each other on Leverage "The First David Job"

Clayne is in a bunch of movies AND he played the sexy vampire-wanna-be 
on Law & Order Criminal Intent - his accent nearly killed me. ;)

 And of course I heavily ship Eliot and Nate (um...Sophie who?)

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  1. That was a nice little pick-me-up before I head out to "hopefully" finish my Christmas shopping.

    Happy Holidays K-lee! :)