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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

My mood and spirit aren't really conducive to Halloween but I'm giving it a try. I always loved Halloween when my 3 kids were little - costumes and decorations and orange lights, always so fun. Now they're older so I wait for the cuteness to come to the door but in the last few years, it's been few and far between. It's probably because our street and our area is getting older so there's just not as many little ones around. Plus with the new areas cropping up, rumour has it they give out "better treats". :) 

I got home after midnight on Saturday night so I didn't get to see my youngest (18) dress up as the Goblin King Jareth (David Bowie) in "Labyrinth". Really long day - 2hrs driving, 2hrs at airport, 4hr flight, 45mins to catch next flight, 3 1/3hr second flight. Long ass day, plus I left my e-Reader on the first flight so that was a real bummer. I've messaged the airline but not sure I'll get it back or not. I swear, even though I have all my books on computer, too, it's still like losing an arm. My writing is going slow, having to push hard to get anything out which is not a good thing considering NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. But maybe I just need a change in stories - guess I'll see what happens.  Anyhow, enough whining...*squishes everyone*

Happy Halloween from Chili and "Jack"

This pic just shows it's next to impossible to get 2 cats and a pumpkin to stand still for a pic.
Henri says "Happy Halloween", too.