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Friday, October 7, 2011

Erotic writing - yes or no?

Supporting my friends... (but I changed the title from In Defence of the Fuckfest for my facebook)

Writing sex is hard. That may sound strange to some people but it's absolutely true. It's not just all "ohhs and ahhs and oh-baby's". It's not - to quote more than one friend who's said this - insert slot A into slot B. Sex is about connection and position and originality. You don't want your characters to do it the same way every time or do it the same way the characters in your last book did it either. It has to ebb and flow and represent the inner workings of the relationship, that connection I mentioned earlier between those doing the sexing. I know a lot of authors who write great, mind-blowing, shift uncomfortably in your seat sex. I'm just not one of those.

I don't write a lot of smut in my fics but I like to have some hot romance here and there between the pages. That's just a personal preference mostly because I don't think I write the actual act all that well so I'd rather through some angst and sap in there, than make my characters look lame or vanilla. That's not to say I don't write the odd scene that's just sex and I do enjoy reading those scenes too, as long as there's plot and characterization attached. I'm not much for PWP (porn without plot) and if the sex in a book is too frequent, becomes redundant or boring, or has too many "oh baby"'s, I tend to skim over it. Again, that's a personal preference.

Telling people what you write is a strange experience sometimes. I usually go with:

Gay Romance
which gets me a look of
and generally a question of
Are You Gay?
Answer - no.
But you write women having sex with each other? 
Again, no. I write about men.
Gay men? 
Like kissing and stuff? 
Yes, relationships.
You don't write, like. *whispers* sex between men, do you? 
Yes, I erotic romances, but that's not the main focus of my writing. I write men in relationships, looking for relationships, hurting from relationships...
You write men having sex with each other? Serious/y? Why? 
*sighs* Because I like it. *big grin*
Oh. *polite smile*

Opinions anyone? Please discuss and go READ THIS:
An amazing manifesto by author Kari Gregg about the fine art of writing erotic romance. Please stop by, share your opinion and show your support.

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  1. Hi, K-lee! Thanks for the shout-out. >:D

    Erotic books, IMO, can have a lot of smut...or not a lot. It really does depend on each story and the characters who live inside & breathe life into that story.

    I'm just fed up with people giving me shit for writing erotic rom & erotica like it's some horrible dreadful thing and/or pulling the tude that writing sex is so flipping easy, like it's a cop-out. Hell to the NO, not if you're doing it right. ;D