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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Peek-a-boo 2013 - I'm still here so please poke me

Happy 2013. I know I'm a little late but real life can be a bitch sometimes. At the moment I have a hairline crack on my wrist which is also sprained. It's not casted, just wrapped and hurts like a bitch. And of course it's my right wrist (my crutch hand) and I'm completely left-hand-challenged so I feel like a flaily newborn kitten being especially flaily. I'm typing this on my iPad with the Blogger app so hopefully it will even work.

Rather than stressing about not posting I'm going to do something different for a while. I'll do a picture post every day, pics with sayings or quotes mainly. Just things that either mean something to me or have caught my eye. Um... you gotta know Christian will sneak in there a lot too. :D

As for writing, I've had some major blockage but am getting a little back into the swing of things. My Eliot!cowboy is what my muse is directing (that's the nice if saying he's a bossy bitch) me to right now and I'm enjoying the ride so far.

In other news - It was announced yesterday that Adam Gontier has left Three Days Grace due to health reasons (he says not to do with his addictions and sobriety) and will be replaced by Matt Walst from My Darkest Days. It was a shock to say the least because I love the new album and they're just beginning their new tour. I adore Adam, everything about him really - unique voice, spirit, passion and energy in concert. I really hope he returns in some capacity again so he can keep making the music he makes so awesome. As for Matt, I don't mind his voice and but Three Days Grace will never really be Three Days Grace to me without Adam.

It was also announced 4 days before freaking Christmas that Leverage wouldn't be renewed for season 6. AND there might not be DVDs released for season 5. Ask me how that made me feel - go ahead, I dare you.

And just so you know, January and February are generally two of my bad depression-trigger months but I find getting poked by friends, helps me cope. I may not poke back (text, email, twitter or whatever) but I appreciate it and will eventually retaliate. :)Gonna rest my wrist now cuz this has taken forever. Drop me a comment if you like - because I always do like to get them. Random pic/quote/saying/whatever is below. Hugs.


  1. *pokes*

    Here, have some eye candy:


  2. Hi K-lee!!! Sorry to hear about your wrist. That's a bummer. :( Happy to hear about your Eliot cowboy. :) Look forward to reading about him. ;)

    I had not heard the news about Adam Gontier. Hope it's nothing too serious. Love Three Days Grace.

    I read the news online about Leverage and you were the first person I thought of. Hate when they don't renew shows I love to watch and then leave me hanging.

    For Christmas, I bought my son a fabric poster that says Keep Calm and Rock On. It's blue with white letters and has the universal rock hand symbol \m/ . Made me think of your random/quote/saying...LOL. Maybe that is good advice for you right now. :D Take care of yourself and stay in touch when you can. :)

    Hope 2013 is a great year for you! :)

  3. Thanks, Piper-honey. ;) <3

    Hi Lisa. I hope your holidays were awesome. I don't think I'd ever really noticed all the "Keep Calm..." things until I went to London last year, now it's like they're everywhere.

    It a sad day when Leverage died - also the day of the so-called apocalypse. I had to placate myself with DVDs the entire day. ;)

    I've seen 3DG quite a few times and can't image them without Adam. He was so enigmatic and beautiful on stage. I hope he returns at some point but for now, I hope he's okay.

    Thanks again, hon. You're always my rock.

  4. I discovered your blog with your CK pic spam - greatly appreciated BTW. Your space is beautiful and enticing. Can't wait to read your work - especially the cowboy inspired by the beautiful Christian Kane. Hope you heal up soon!

  5. Hi Kanecrazy. :)
    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like my little Chaos cave. The cowboy story will be published so not a free one but I have a few free stories out there. I see you've friended me on LiveJournal. I'll head over there now and send you a message. :)
    Thanks again.