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Friday, January 11, 2013

Random stuff 2 - depression

Depression is a wide-spread mental health issue that can affect anyone with no regard to gender, sexuality, age, marital status, social standing or whatever else. It can produce physical problems as well as emotional. Oftentimes it is disregarded as easily fixable or not really there because unless a person has experienced it, it can be extremely hard to understand. Lack of understanding can then lead to fear of the unknown which in turn leads to apathy and impatience for those who suffer from it.

I've had clinical depression for almost 20 years and though that doesn't make me an expert by any means, I've witnessed and experienced a lot of ways depression is dealt with by both loved ones of the depressed person and even the person themselves. I believe awareness and acceptance are two of the most important issues with regards to depression...

...awareness and acceptance of depression's existence as a real physical thing and its often debilitating effects by those who don't suffer from the illness and acceptance of its real and physical presence followed by acceptance that there's help available by those who do. Today's society can often be based on quick fixes but unfortunately, depression isn't often fixed that way. Understanding is key or in the least,  the willingness to understand can make all the difference in someone with depression's life.


  1. I'm no expert either, but someone in my life has experienced depression in the past and I tried to do everything possible to support them. Hope you have lots of love and understanding in your corner.

    Take care. Sending big hugs your way. Stay strong and know that you have people that care about you. :)

  2. Your sharing about depression and your own struggle with it will help others to be better informed and more understanding. My mother suffered from it too.
    My best wishes to you and hugs too.


  3. You can always text me to talk. I'm always around for you.

  4. Lisa - I think you'd be awesome to have in anyone's life. I've seen some pretty bad things done to depressed people by the ones they love and I'm thankful I've always had good support in my life.

    I'm thankful for you Lisa. Just wanted to say that. :) And I'm liking my little random posts, makes me want to blog again.


    Thank you Jbst. I've never been one to keep quiet about my disorders. I figure the more information people have, they better understanding they'll have. I've had it bite me in the ass before but the good seems to outweigh the bad.
    Thanks for commenting. :)

    Stacey-love - thank you. Sometimes making that first step even when I know people are willing to stay in touch, is just damn hard. Love you.

  5. God knows I've had my dark dark moments. February is coming and it is the darkest, most dismal of my whole year. I am not sure I will get through it honestly. I got two new kitties today. Maybe they will help.