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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Release & Giveaway - In The Moment

I have a new release out today and I've been very slack about promoting it mostly due to the January funk I'm in. Regardless of that, I'm proud of my little story so here's some info. 

It's a short/novella (12,000 words) based on the theme of Kiss Me at Midnight. I'm not really sure what that meant to anyone else but to me it meant starting fresh and the beginning of a new year. 

In The Moment is about two mildly opposite but completely in love men named Joey and Giles. They've been through some major trials and turmoils over the past year and all they want is a little good news for a change. The story revolves completely around the title as Joey and Giles struggle to clear their minds of the past and the future and remain in the moment. They find a special way to assure each other that not matter what the future brings, they'll always be facing it together.

I like both Joey and Giles for different reasons, and for one main one - they're very committed to their commitment. I hope you like them too. I'm offering up an ebook copy to one commenter so leave your name and email address. Contest will be open from January 23-27 then I'll have my random generator, Bob, select a winner.

I'll leave you with the synopsis, a short excerpt and a buying link for In The Moment. Thanks for dropping by. :)


Synopsis - IN THE MOMENT

Life if full of obstacles, some easy, some insurmountable. Joey and Giles have been pushed to the limit and there's still one more obstacle before them. Rather than wait to face it, they decide to remind each other that whatever challenges they face, they'll always face them together.

In the Moment - Available at Less Than Three Press



Niagara Falls was beautiful. There was no denying it but being surrounded by such magnificent beauty while dealing with an avalanche of mixed emotions was in itself distracting and stomach-wrenching. Joey knew adding an extra component to their already-strong relationship was what Giles wanted and he wanted it too—or else he wouldn’t have been the one to make the suggestion. He just wasn’t sure it was the right time to take such an important step.

He didn’t want to let Giles down and he hoped their trip to the Falls would bring them closer together, not send them crashing to the bottom again.


“Can you believe the size of this room?” Giles dropped his duffle bag and coat to the floor and sprang in one mighty leap from the door to the giant king size bed. “We were lucky to get such a great deal the day before New Year’s Eve.” He bounced indulgently on his knees, the words bubbling out of his mouth as his eyes danced.

His obvious joy sent a quiver of hope straight to Joey’s heart as he stood soaking in the smile that had overtaken Giles’ face. Giles curled a finger toward him and Joey couldn’t resist joining in. His first order of business: planting a sloppy kiss to Giles’ cheek.

They ended up sprawled on top of each other, the softness of the thick duvet cushioning Joey’s back as he snuggled Giles on top of him. He was careful to ensure he was always on the bottom lately—worried that despite still being smaller, he might hurt Giles in his fragile state. He reached up and swept the knit hat from Giles’ head—his Canadian toque—before caressing the spiky prickles on the top of his skull. Giles leaned down and pressed a wet kiss to Joey’s lips, at the same time moving Joey’s hand from his head to the back of his neck. Giles was still self-conscious about losing his signature long locks but Joey thought his shaved head was sexy as hell. He loved caressing and mapping the smooth contours of Giles’ skull, the imperfections and curves that were Giles’ alone.

Giles’ tipped their foreheads together and broke the silence. “Are you hungry? Do you want to get something to eat before we explore?”

“I’m pretty happy right where I am.” Joey smirked and received a nip to his lips as his reply. “Just telling the truth. You Canadians are so violent.”

“Only when we have hockey sticks in our ‘ands.”

It amazed Joey how certain words brought out Giles’ sexy accent. Not that his regular voice wasn’t sexy too, but hearing him talk au francais on occasion just turned the whole sexy-thing up a notch. “I’ve seen you with a stick in your hand—hot. But I definitely prefer my stick in your hand to those wooden ones.”

“I use a composite stick. Will you ever get it right, eh? Now, let me go so we can get some food then enjoy the sights.”

“I’m enjoying the sights right now.” It was corny and it was cheesy and all those other words to describe how Joey just wanted to wrap Giles in his arms and never let him go. Just carry him away to where nothing could ever hurt him again. In a perfect world—Joey’s world—he would be able to take all Giles’ suffering and pain and just lump it on his own shoulders so Giles’ wouldn’t hurt anymore. His beautiful, tough, determined Giles—what would he ever do if he lost him?

“You ‘ave that look in your eye, again. You promised, Joey. No sadness on this trip. This is a happy time. Oui?”


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