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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cat crisis, Comfort zones, Cosmic Avengers & Crazy week

Good day. Despite the lovely cookie monster over there <-- this post isn't about cookies or pretty monsters.

Cat Crisis - We had a cat crisis in our house last week of epic proportions - to put it honestly, we thought Miss Henri was on her deathbed because of the way she was acting.

It was so close to how our dog Willow had acted last year when he think she had a stroke - Willow had to be put to sleep three days after we noticed the change. In that period of time she went blind, couldn't walk, couldn't control her bladder and lots of seizures. We said goodbye to her on Good Friday last year.
Henri was luckier. She hadn't had a seizure and she wasn't dying - but she was very sick.

After two trips to the vets and one to the emergency animal hospital, it was discovered she had a very large abscess on her anal gland (TMI) and it had ruptured in two places. She had fever and infection and was lethargic and like one big wet noodle when we picked her up. They did surgery and she came home four hours later with a lovely cone on her head.

She didn't seem to be improving that much in the first couple of days but then she started not hiding as much and being a little bossy. Last night we took the cone off her head and she's almost back to her good old self.  It was a scary time and being that my depression is kicking my ass right now, it make it all the more emotional and frightening. Sometimes I think we forget how important our furry family is to us.

Comfort Zones - I finished a story on the weekend that took me a little out of my comfort zone. I've written many different sub-genres - paranormal, western, rockstars (yes, that is a sub-genre in my book), a little fantasy. But generally I write contemporary. This story I just finished was a little contemporary, a little fantasy, and a little fairy tale. I've never mixed so many things into a story - ever - so I'm a little worried about how it will turn it out. You'll be able to read what I'm talking about when it comes out on October from Less Than Three Press. Pretty cover, right? Check out all the other Halloween Rentboy stories on the same day, too. Click on the pic for my link. (PS I went way over my word count of 10k too so at the moment, before edits it's almost 16k - oops)

I'm also going out of my comfort zone in another story I'm writing that I won't reveal any more about. I won't even tell you the zone I'm veering into just in case it doesn't work out at all and I trash it completely. :) Let's just say it's an interesting twist to what I usually write. ;)

We have a release date for Private Dicks: Undercovers with my story, The P.I. & the Rockstar - October 24 from Less Than Three Press. There's some awesome authors in this anthology so give it a go. Preorder price right now is 15% off - awesome!

In other news, the sequel to "Countdown to Daddies" has been accept for release sometime around Christmas with MLR's Ho Ho Ho stories. Keep your eye out for Gabe, Matteo and the twins in "Countdown to Santa". :0

Crazy Week - Next week I leave for Yaoi-Con in Long Beach, California with some awesome peeps from Less Than Three Press. How nervous am I to be meeting these lovely ladies that I talk to all the time online and consider good friends? Very very very nervous.

I leave on the 10th then head to Albuquerque for GRL (we've been promised half-naked cowboys, too :D) so this week I'm trying to get everything done but my lowness is creeping into my head. I'm struggling but trying to keep it at bay because I still have swag to organize, swag to finish, prizes to figure out and buy, get my hair did, find a suitcase since mine just may not make it this time around, meet a deadline I'm already late for, do edits, and attempt to keep freaking sane doing it all. I probably owe people emails and texts or dms or whatever and I swear if I owe you one, I'll get to it soon.

I'm also putting together a prize pack for people who aren't going to GRL. I'll start running that next week so keep your eye out. And one other thing I'm trying to figure out is the new tattoo I'm getting with the LT3 girls in Long Beach. One idea was decided then turfed because it just wouldn't have worked but now I think a better idea is being put into play - one I've wanted for a while. So hopefully when I get back I can post a pic of my newest body art. And just for information's sake, we're going to the oldest tattoo shop in the U.S. and I have a lovely man named Shay ready to ink me up. :)

Last but now least I've been wearing the crap out of my Avengers DVD. Woot! It always makes me happy.
I thought this was a really cool poster.

But since Loki's never on the posters or covers - here he is

And did you know that when Tom Hiddleston isn't being Loki
he's one of the funniest guys ever?

And some funnies...

I want this t-shirt soooo baaaaad!

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  1. Hi K-lee! So glad to hear that your beautiful kitty is feeling better. I'm sure that was very stressful on top of everything else you are dealing with right now. I totally understand, though. I have a furry family that is very important to me, too. :)

    Looking forward to both of your October releases and the mystery project...lol. Now you have made me very curious. ;)

    Hope you have lots of fun on both of your trips. Good luck with the new tattoo and enjoy the half-naked cowboys. I'm jealous. :D Take care.

    Love the pictures you post. The Catvengers made me smile. :)