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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Give-away & Survivor love

I'm having a streak of writers' block and it's making me crazy. I still have to post about GRL but the words just aren't there either so I've been catching up on the shows I taped while I was gone.

I don't think it's any big secret that I'm a reality show junkie - from So You Think You Can Dance to Hell's Kitchen to Big Brother - I like them all but I think my first fave was and still is Survivor. Hello, my name is K-lee and i'm a Survivor-aholic. 

I've been watching from the very first season which has spanned 12 years and 25 seasons. I've always had a favourite player of course and yeah, they've always been dudes and a lot of the time, probably hot dudes - okay almost all the time, in my opinion. But I don't intentionally search for the babe in the show each season - it just naturally happens. ;)

So in between organizing my WIPs, deleting emails and generally getting frustrated that Ali is not speaking to me at the moment - he can be such a bitch - I decided to share my fave player in each season.

Wow, that was more work than I thought over two days but believe it or not, it sparked some creativity and I've managed to write a little here and there. Goes to show that sometimes trying too hard is exactly what hinders the whole process - any process really. It also shows that my brain needs something to do when it seems to be running on empty and searching for lovely boys is a very good way to challenge it. I hope you enjoy my little trip down Survivor memory lane. 

And now that my brain is firing on a few more cylinders than it has been for the past week, I'm going to do a give-away. Leave your name, email address and a nice little comment for a chance to win an ebook copy Trick of Dreams which comes out on Halloween. 

Misha hates Halloween. Nothing good has ever come of it even though it was the day he was born. He spends his days at a thankless job and fills his nights turning tricks. His only reprieves from his miserable life are his best friend and the alluring dreams that come to him night after night.

On his first Halloween as a free man, a string of strange occurrences only firm up his position on the dreaded day. But the kindness of a stranger and a gift from his best friend send Misha's mind reeling with flashes of his dreams and what was once unrecognizable suddenly becomes a little more familiar.


Now on to my Survivor faves

Season 25 - Philippines
Malcolm Freberg
Flowing hair, cute smile, sense of humour and so hot.
From 18 to 11 people down and he's still around - keeping my fingers crossed.


Season 24 - One World
Jay Byars
He was voted out 7th so I didn't get to enjoy his as long as I would have liked.
But since he's a model, his pictures are everywhere.


Season 23 - South Pacific
Ozzy Lusth (he's been on my blog before :D)
Returning player who had a rough time this round but went from voted out first
& heading to Redemption Island to 4th place.


Season 22 - Redemption Island
Matt Elrod
He was so adorable and had a really hard road.
I do love it when they go in all clean and pretty and end up stunningly scruffy.

 I have to post my 2nd favourite because he's one of my fave all-times.
Rob Marino
He won this season.


Season 21 - Nicaragua
Jud Birza (Fabio)  
He wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but sharp enough to win the season.
They nicknamed him Fabio and he was pretty damn funny.


Season 20 - Heroes vs. Villains
I have to go with one of each.
Hero - Colby Donaldson (you'll see him later too)


Season 19 - Samoa
John Fincher
One of those who went in squeaky-clean and ended up scruffy-hot


Season 18 - Tocantins
J.T. Thomas
Sweet cattle rancher who took home the prize with a 7-0 vote


Season 17 - Gabon
Charlie Herschel
This season wasn't very memorable for me.


Season 16 - Micronesia
(Fans vs Faves)
Fave - Ozzy Lusth
Shorter hair, climbs tree like a monkey - hot and sweet

Fan - Jason Siska
So pretty but naive


 Season 15 - China
Todd Herzog
22 year-old gay, flight attendant - so cute

I also loved Erik Huffman *meow*


Season 14 - Fiji
Alex Angarita 


Season 13 - Cook Islands
Ozzy Lusth
Um... he looks familiar (poor baby came 2nd)


Season 12 - Panama
I can't remember who I liked better so I'll post both
Aras Baskauskas (winner of this season)

Austin Carty


Season 11 - Guatemala
Bobby Jon Drinkard
He was definitely scruffier and not so naive in his second round


Season 10 - Palau
Bobby Jon Drinkard
I have him twice but he's not one of the heavy hitters -
I just always loved him in both his seasons


Season 9 - Vanuatu
This wasn't a memorable season for me but I liked the winner
Chris Daughtery

 And John Kenney was not wearing this on the show ;)


Season 8 - Survivor All-Stars
This is a hard season - both my faves Colby, Ethan and Boston Rob.
So I'll skip it.


Season 7 - Pearl Islands
Rupert Boneham
He was so sweet and loveable - you just had to cheer him on


Season 6 - The Amazon
Another meh season for me but 
Daniel Lue was sweet - didn't last long.


Season 5 - Thailand
Robb Zbacnik
Hot head, didn't last long but he had an awesome look (and tattoos)


Season 4 - Marquesas
Rob Marciano
Boston Rob's first season - he didn't do well.


Season 3 - Africa
Ethan Zohn
So beautiful and sweet-natured.
He's beaten cancer twice and just keeps on truckin'.


Season 2 - Australian Outback
Colby Donaldson
Yes sir - an awesome country boy.


Season 1 - Borneo
To be perfectly honest, I don't remember rooting for a hottie in the first season.
But my faves were
Rudy Boesch
(yep, I loved that crotchety old guy)

And the man everyone loves to hate
Richard Hatch
I loved how he and Rudy were a team even though Rudy
was completely freaked out by Richard's gayness. :)


  1. Wow...I never watched Survivor...but you're making me sad that I missed it :)

  2. WOW!!! NICE collection you have there.

    My email address is npat78@yahoo.com

  3. Shame on Ali for not speaking to you. ;)

    Big Brother is the reality show I never miss. I have watched some episodes of Survivor, though. Plenty of good looking guys on there (thanks for the pictures). :D I defintely remember Colby, Ethan, and Boston Rob.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I always look forward to your new releases. :)

    Good luck on the writing front.


  4. I am intrigued by this possible fairytale angle.


  5. I do love my Survivor, Michelle, and the boys of course. Thanks for entering.

    Thanks, Pat. They are pretty, aren't they? (most of them ;P)

    Lisa - I love Big Brother too but there's just something about sweaty, shirtless men in the jungle. :) Thanks for the luck, I think it's working already. xo

    Lol. E.E. Don't be too intrigued - I don't want to disappoint those that i know are big fairytale readers and writers. :)

  6. I've never seen SURVIVOR, but the eye candy may make me change my mind! Thanks for the giveaway, and Happy Halloween...


  7. VERY nice representation! I used to be a fan but then I got tired of it. I need you to just show me the hot men and then I won't miss anything ;)

    So, I met Ethan Zohn totally at random when I was living in NYC. It was right before all stars and he was with his girlfriend Jenna (??) at the time, don't know if they're still tog or not. But he was totally cute and nice. I had organized a benefit/seminar for Gay Pos men and had a + speaker who apparently was his best friend and he was there to support him. So I got to talk to him and he was sooooo yummy adorable. I'll never forget him because I kept looking at him and drooling! And he really was like, the sweetest, most earnest man I've ever met. All I remembered about the girl was that they were together, had both won separate seasons (I stopped watching after seas 3) and that she was wearing these really hairy looking Uggs.

    Anyway, random tidbit I thought I'd share :)

  8. That's a lovely experience to share, Cole. And you're always welcome to look at my hot men. I think he and Jenna are still together. :)

    I've picked a winner and will post it in a new entry.

    Thanks for the comments.