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Friday, October 26, 2012

Family of Misfits Character Collector Cards

I've been dying to share my character cards with everyone that didn't go to GRL and since it's over, here they are. :) My fabulous friend, writer and graphic designer - L.C. Chase - made them for me - she's also the one who did the cover for Lucius' Bite and will do the rest of the series too. And if you ask her what kind of client I am I'm sure she'll say a very picky, anal retentive, perfectionist one. ;) And I totally am.

It took me a long time to find the right faces to go with my characters - would be so much easier if we could pick just any old picture off the net and use it how we see fit. But since that's definitely not the case, I scoured the photo sites looking for just the right boys and I think I've found them. Ali and Nicu were the toughest and poor L.C. had to try to Ali-up my witch's hair. Manny will be my next searching task. You'll notice Kalo doesn't have a bio because he's still a bit of a mystery but his card has a teaser for the next book in the series, tentatively called Ali's Intuition. Hope you like. :)
(PS I have lots leftover if anyone would like a set)


  1. Those cards are so beautiful! <333

  2. Love the cards! L.C. did a great job. It pays off to be a picky perfectionist. :D

  3. Thanks guys - wish I could say I did more than pick out the pretty boys but LC did an awesome job.

    And Ivan - <3

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