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Monday, October 8, 2012

Not going to GRL? Enter my prize pack giveaway.

Happy Monday, y'all. You know I don't say that in real life - ya'll. But I have a lot of friends who do and I enjoy writing it. :)

For anyone who isn't going to Gay RomLit, this is your chance to win a prize pack of the things I'll be pimping at the retreat.
The prize pack will include:

 A signed, print copy of LUCIUS' BITE - FAMILY OF MISFITS 1

A signed, print copy of DOMESTIC RELATIONS

4 Collector Character cards from Lucius' Bite

A double-sided postcard featuring two of my books.

Two K-lee Klein pens *snickers*

And maybe something Canadian, eh?

I'll ship anywhere - just keep in mind the further you are away, the longer the wait will be, plus the mail system is a little damn slow.

The random giveaway will close on October 25 and prizes will be shipped after that date.

To enter, leave your name, email address and some small comment that will make me smile (always appreciated). For extra entries - 1. invite a friend to enter (they should mention your name in their comment), 2. follow my blog, 3. follow me on twitter, 4. post this link somewhere else.

I'm not sure how many posts I'll have between now and then, but with two new releases at the end of October, you can expect at least two more contests when I get back.  Good Luck and have a great couple of weeks.



  1. Sammythepirate@gmail.com

    Well Ms Klein...all I can say is---you are a delight--and take good care of my friend Kaje please!!! Wish I could be there with all of you!

  2. Awww, this is such a nice gesture! Have a wonderful time...


  3. I'm not going to the GRL but I'm just waiting for the pictures and stories, I'm sure it's gonna be great, have fun!

    I don't like mondays, but Dr. Seuss always makes me smile:
    "Today, you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you."
    --Dr. Seuss

    (I follow your blog)

    adrineutron at gmail.com

  4. GRL sounds like a great event, but it's too far away for me, so please put my name into the hat as well. Thanks

    + 1 I follow your blog.


  5. Wish I was going to GRL, but since I'm not, this is the next best thing! How awesome it would be to have signed copies of your wonderful books and K-lee Klein pens, too! :D As you know, I already follow your blog. :)

    Hope y'all have lots of fun at GRL. (I happen to be from Texas so that word is used by me on a daily basis...lol) :D


  6. *sob* all these posts about people going to GRL... so much envy... and no chance of ever going as alas I cannot fly (just can't get the run up fast enough!)

    Hope you have a fab time

    follower on twitter and of the blog - e-mail is polipetl (at) hotmail (dot) com

  7. sounds great. had no idea there was a gaylit conference

  8. Wail! I wish I could go to GRL! It sounds like you all are going to have so much fun. *pout* (Though I admit I would be absolutely terrified if I were going... crowds of strangers and I do not get along well.) Have a fantastic, fabulous time, and enjoy all the pretty boy swag for me! ^__^

  9. Darling, have fun. I wished I could be there with you. *sigh* So enjoy your time and tell me all about it, when you're back!

  10. I can't go either. Wish I could but no such luck. But great giveaway, count me in! moriamccain @ gmail.com

  11. Would love to go to GRL but maybe next year! Please count me in for your great prize.

    My email address is npat78@yahoo.com

  12. Wow K-lee it's so sweet of you to do this giveaway.

    Hope you will have a lot of fun at GRL.

    Please, count me in :)

  13. Greetings from Italy! I loved "Lazy Sundays" & I would love to enter your giveaway. Pls put my name in the hat :)

    natalija (dot) shkomare (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. Thanks for the comments, guys. Just back from GRL and as soon as my buds ship my books and left-over swag, I'll be picking a winner and shipping the prizes. :)
    Thanks for your patience.