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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just Kiss Me

I'm totally supposed to be doing research - shifters, werewolves, gypsies, lore, spirit guides, but instead I've been looking at pretty pictures of men kissing. I blame Kari Gregg who posted something about beautiful kisses on Twitter this morning. Yep - give her a poke when you see her because it's all her fault.

Not all of these are kisses, some are just special moments that struck me as intimate (whether stages or not is not my concern for this post). So enjoy. (PS I always set out to only post a couple pics then my OCD takes over and BAM, huge post again - *hangs head*)

We'll start with a wedding - porn star Brent Everett and Steve Pena's to be more exact

In most pics of this couple kissing, Steve always has a hand wrapped around Brent's head
or more than likely touching his ear - I think it's so sweet

Porn couple Samuel Colt and Chris Porter
They were just featured in a story in OUT magazine talking about gay relationships.

Angelo Peterson and Colton Ford

Jessie Colter and Trey Turner

Okay, enough with the porn couples. Here's some other pics. Enjoy.

Love this pic

Intimate and familiar = beautiful

Nice hand placement in this one. 

Original but kinda scary

This one's always a fave

Brian and Justin 
(dammit - guess what I'll be watching today - QAF dvds)

Ahhhh - maybe a kiss would help?
Come on dude, kiss him!


  1. Thanks for your OCD today. What lovely pics! Time well spent.

  2. LOL. Glad my lines proved inspirational. ;-p

  3. Ooh, I know the hotties in the four-windowed picture. Husbands who are crazy in love ;)