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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Belated New Year & some goals for K-lee

Ack! Late as usual but I hope you all had a rockin' New Year's Eve. I went to a games night but had to come home at 10:30 due to a migraine so my Eve was not so much rockin' as reelin'.

I meant to do this post before the new year so I could do some resolutions or more accurately some goal-planning for 2012. First I'll get some other business out of the way.

I'm thrilled to say that I've had a few good reviews for Finally Home and even though I'm trying really hard to not let any of the reviews affect me in a good or bad way, it's still always nice to see. It's available at MLR Press, All Romance Ebooks, and Amazon now, and I might be planning a Valentine's story as a sequel. *whispers - shhhh*

As for my other Works in Progress:

Pride and Joy (YA) - accepted by Featherweight for charity line - my choice "It Gets Better" - filled out cover art request - should be pubbed January or February 2012

Private Dicks story - has been finished, beta-ed and submitted for consideration - 16,000 words - keep your fingers crossed. :)

Valentine's story #1 - 3,000 words so about 2,000 to go - I'll just say an angel is involved.

Valentine's story #2 - 1,200 words so have a lot to go but the plot is vivid in my head.

Opposing Counsel (tentative title) - 17,000 words, about 5,000 more to go

Family of Misfits 1 - 21,000 words and still a ways to go

Glitter Fox 2 - 12,000 words - at least that much left to go as well

Scottish vamp - 5,000 - barely started

What else is twirling 'round my brain:

- I really want to write a gladiator story

- I even ordered a book for research purposes. J

- or one with Vikings

- just something barbaric and manly with men in strange armor-ish clothing - sweating, grabbing, taking, receiving, with some emotional aspects as well, of course. 


This is where I'm supposed to say what my resolutions are but generally they're a big fail for me anyhow. I think I'll list some goals instead. Last year one of my goals was to be published and I think December 27 just squeaks in under the wire for that.

- I want to be more diligent and proactive when it comes to my health, whether that involves doctors' appointments, sleeping issues (oh yeah, they're bad right now), eating better, getting some exercise.

- I want to learn to schedule my day and my writing so I feel and become more productive.

- I want to have more confidence in myself and think of myself as an actual writer without judgment or negative self-talk.

- I want to get together with the few RL friends I've kept over the years more often. These people are around for a reason - they keep me centred and calm and grounded and make me happy.

- I want to get out of the house at least every other day during the week, even if it's just to sit and have a coffee and write at Starbucks.

- And of course, I hope to get published a few more times in 2012 because writing is what I love to do.

That's it for me - except I also want to update this blog more often, and I'd really like some ideas from you on what you'd like to see. Interviews and spotlights on other authors? Info on my WIPs - or is that boring? Pictures and of what? Videos? Excerpts? Enlighten me people - I'm listening.

Peace out.


  1. We'll take the year by a storm, you me and Norma ^.^ I'm working on a viking story of my own (and so is Norma!). We'll set a trend, hehe.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I finally purchased your book today. Now that the holidays are over I hope to catch up on my reading.

    Here's hoping you reach your goals for 2012.

    Congratulations and Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year, hon!

  4. I just finished reading "Finally Home". It was so good (had me shedding some tears in a few parts). You should be really proud of your writing. I hated for it to end. Already want to read more about Josiah and Wyatt.

  5. I'm really excited about reading Finally Home once I get enough money to buy myself a copy.

    I think gladiators would be super hot but I'm all over Viking age Norse society and mythology myself right now. Lots and lots of fun although most of the characters in my stories aren't vikings as much as skalds, trolls, Celtic witches and ex-vikings.