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Monday, July 4, 2011

Teaser for Hot July Days on GoodReads

As I mentioned before, the organizers of the M/M Romance group at GoodReads.com put together a challenge for authors and aspiring authors to write stories for other members based on a pic and a "Dear Author" letter.  Stories started being posted on July 1 - a few a day in most cases - and I believe there will be 113 (or so) stories in total.  As long as you're over the age of 18, you can be a member of the group and there really couldn't be a better time to join with all those yummy stories being posted.

I'm giving a small taste/tease of the story I wrote and, yeah, even managed to submit on time despite wanting to keep editing and changing over and over again.  I had to force my OCD to take a step back.  :)  Anyhow, hope you enjoy and if you have the time, leave me a comment since I'm feeling pretty lonely on this blog. :D

Happy 4th to all my US friends, by the way.


Two pairs of scuffed, black combat boots hit the floor of the hotel room with four distinct thuds before the door locked back into place.  Tight, sweltering, black leather pants were shed, left in a ball on the floor beside the boots, abandoned in the heat emanating from two excited, lust-filled bodies.  They jockeyed for dominance, both already bare-chested and shining with sweat, hair, faces and sleek, muscled bodies nearly identical except for the color and shade of their short spiky locks and the scruff that accentuated their made-up but masculine faces.  The blond won the toss-up, pushing the brunet roughly against the velvet-papered wall, his mouth covering the soft lips of the other, tongue shoving immediately inside.

Rylan Rivers growled between gasps of breath, thrusting back against the toned body that pressed him to the cool wall.  “It’s not your turn,” he panted and hissed at his blond lover.  “Back up, Gage.  I’m taking control.”

Gage Galeano flattened Rylan more firmly to the wall, head slanting to seal his lips over Rylan’s protesting ones.  He wrestled Rylan’s arms up and over his head, keeping a firm grip on both wrists as he slipped a leg between Rylan’s thighs and pressed his knee against Rylan’s crotch.

Rylan gasped and stopped squirming long enough to suck Gage’s tongue between his lips, forcing their mouths together until he felt their teeth click.  He sucked indulgently, Gage’s flavor overwhelming his senses and sending a jolt of excitement straight to his cock.  He enjoyed the sensation, the taste, the heat, for a moment more, then sunk his teeth into the wet muscle invading his mouth.  The metallic taste of blood assaulted his tastebuds before Gage jumped back sharply, brown eyes so heavy with lust they were almost black, a sadistic grin gracing his beautiful face.

“Since when are turns part of sex?” Gage hissed, sinking one hand into Rylan’s brown spikes and yanking his head back.  His other hand moved to swipe at his mouth, a red streak appearing on his pale skin.  Rylan watched transfixed as Gage licked the color away.  Gage’s tongue was a thing of wonder, always knowing precisely where to lap and lick and suck, when to press harder, when to back off, the right moment to….

Rylan snapped his gaping mouth closed, wiping a dribble of drool away from his lips as he twisted his head from Gage’s grasp and tried to clear his head.  He managed a controlled smirk and pushed off the wall.  “I told you, you were out of line,” he growled, adjusting the uncomfortable bulge in his faux gold-lame boxer briefs.  “You have the shortest memory in the history of the world, dude.  Tonight I’m the man on top, not you.”

His words were strong but that didn’t change the fact he was hypo-aware of the sweet, addicting scent of sweat and desire wafting off his lover -- Gage’s zest still alive in his mouth, on his tongue.  He was already rock hard.  So hard he had to struggle to keep his hands to himself, needing to focus on what he wanted to convey to Gage, not how he looked, smelled, tasted.  He thought he’d won the battle until Gage suddenly thrust himself forward, grabbed Rylan’s face between his fingers and licked across his lips.  One of Gage’s hands ghosted down Rylan’s body and over the outline of his aching dick, sending shivers of ecstasy throughout Rylan’s taut body. 

“Mmm, you’re wearing my favorite shorts, babe, but I think they’d look better off than on.”

Rylan growled again, covered Gage’s hand and squeezed his fingers.  He shoved him not-so-gently away, backing up from the heat and scent of pre-come that surrounded from his lover.  “You’re not listening, dumbass.”

Gage snickered evilly.  “I’m totally listening.  You wanna be the husband.”


  1. Not bad at all. I like the writing style. I don't know if the anthology for which you are writing is aimed twoards fans of erotica or romance, but it reads somewhat more like a romance scene. As I feel no sexual attraction to anyone, and any attraction I have to men is purely emotional in nature, I can't really judge its quality from an erotic standpoint, however the imagery is good, and for erotic writing to be...well...erotic, it needs to have good imagery.

  2. Thank you, Ali. Yeah, it's for a m/m romance group but it does get a little angsty and steamy later. :) Thanks for reading. :)

  3. I can't wait to read the whole story Karen!! Congrats on finishing!! You are so awesome!

  4. Oh that's good fun right there! :) Looking forward to reading this one. Yay, Kool-Aid!

  5. Thank you Summer and Thorny. :) Means a lot that you popped on over to this little blog for me. Still nervous about having the story posted but it's out of my hands now. :)