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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amazing cover for my Hot July Story by the fabulous Zathyn Priest

I just have to brag a little because I've always been in awe with this lovely man - his writing and his digital art are both simply fabulous, plus he's a gentle and sweet soul to top it off. The poor man was hounded and commented to death by yours truly until I'm sure he just threw up his hands and said "fine, I'll let you be my friend, you freaky Canadian woman". I may not be entirely proud of that, but I think I can call him my friend now so all's good. :)

Zathyn made me this cover - and no, I didn't hound him to death, I swear - for when I can offer my book as a free PDF and I just adore it. I also really like seeing my name on something so stunning. My story hasn't been posted yet but eventually I'll get to use this cover and be damn proud to do so.

PS If you haven't read any of Zathyn's book, you simply must. Here's a few links for him.

Zathyn Priest WordPlay blog

Zathyn Priest Artifex

Zathyn Priest GoodReads


  1. Glad you like the cover :^) I'm sure everyone will love the story, too.

  2. Ah, it's wonderful, Karen. Zathyn did a great job. :)

  3. Wow, this is a great cover!! Perfect for the story!! Yep, Zathyn did a great job!

  4. Great cover Karen!! I can't wait to read your story!! I am so happy for you Karen, please keep writing!

  5. Gorgeous cover Karen! Can't wait to read your story. Let me know when it's posted :)

  6. Thanks guys. Zath did a great job.
    And thank you Zath for putting up with me. :P
    I'll let you know Lavinia - thanks for stopping by. :)

  7. The cover designed by Zathyn is beautiful - he really is talented both as a writer and an artist.

    Having read Outfoxed, which I thoroughly enjoyed (especially the last comment about a tiara), I can't wait till it's available to download - I'd love to have the story and the cover for myself!

  8. Thank you Sue - both for stopping by and for the lovely words about Outfoxed. I'll be doing the pdf soon - lol, with Zathyn's help of course - and I'm working on another story about Rylan and Gage. :)