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Monday, July 25, 2011

B.C. Bound

I'm heading to Vancouver, British Columbia tomorrow to see my daughter for a week. It's only an hour flight from Calgary and I haven't seen her since the beginning of January.
We're going to go the Pride parade on Sunday (rain or shine) and hopefully I can meet up with the lovely L.C. Chase sometime while I'm there.

My daughter has to work on Friday and Saturday then on Monday and I'm staying until Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning we're taking the ferry to Victoria for an overnight stay. It's a beautiful city and I haven't been there in years so it should be a nice visit. The days she's working, her beau may be home but I'm not one to have to be entertained. I have a few Vancouver places I like to go to - Grandville Island, the big-ass Chapters downtown, Funhouse Tattoos :P - and other than that it's just nice to be away.

I thought I could just bring my iPad with me since it has Pages and I can write (my vamp story and a sequel to Outfoxed), then transfer it to my laptop, but since I've been asked to co-author a shifter series, I need Word so I can use the editing function. So basically, I'll be hauling both to Vancouver with me, along with my iPod and my Sony reader, and most of my wardrobe since I'm a really horrible packer.

Happy Vancouver Pride!


  1. You are so making me jealous. I really loved to go there too ... *sigh* Canada is so far away, but maybe ...

    Have fun!!