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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beautiful Mag

I'm trying to find this magazine - even looked in San Francisco when I was there but no luck.  Anyone seen it anywhere?  That's Samuel Colt and Chris Porter - my fave gay pron couple. They're so sweet together - follow them on twitter and you'll see the love. :D

And speaking of San Francisco, I went to my first Pride Parade there at the end of June.  I'd never been to SF before so it was pretty cool - too many freaking hills though :P - and despite there being a lot more politics in the parade than I expected (plus I'm Canadian and didn't know who anyone was), it was a fabulous experience.  I'm posting a few pics that kind of summed up the whole point of Pride for me.

And the most important aspect - the LOVE.

(I'm having trouble with this blog - comments aren't showing up.  I checked the Spam filter but it seems to be fine.  Does anyone have any suggestions?)

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