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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fabulous video, fabulous memories

My favourite band is 30 Seconds to Mars and yes, Jared Leto is the lead singer and also, yes, he is an actor.  Sorry - I was just answering the questions that people usually ask - I missed a statement they usually say though "never head of 'em".  Oh well.  They do exist and I saw them at least 12 times in 2010...hmm, could have been more actually.  I was working around some major depression and going to the shows made me happy so hubby just let me do it - I only say that because he's the working man in the family so logically it would be him letting me go with regards to the finances but in reality, he never "lets" me do anything. :P

But I digress... The first video is very special to me because it involves a lot of the concerts I went to.  Jared made us sing the chorus over and over and over again to get it right - can you say perfectionist? :)  I can even pick myself out in various quick scenes.

The second video is just one I filmed - it's one of my fave songs on the new album (which by the way, my voice is on as well since I attended the "recording sessions").  You'll have to excuse the sound quality of the video - it was my first time using the camera and I kept putting my finger over the mic when I'd zoom.  And in case you don't know the band, Jared's brother, Shannon, is the drummer.

The 3rd video is an acoustic of Jared (also one I shot from the front of the barrier - so it's a little shaky) - the light sucks but they always do that blue light thing for his solos.  It's still pretty though, right?  It was shot in Vancouver.

Hope you enjoy. :)

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