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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New giveaway! Stone Magic, book 1 - Moonstone

Stone Magic, book 1 - Moonstone came out on July 19 but I neglected to share a part of it or offer a giveaway because of the whirlwind that was Rainbow Con. So I'm offering one now. :) 

Leave a comment for a chance to win an ebook copy of Moonstone. And my question of the day is...if you see a cover with a guy you aren't especially attracted to (like some with this Blue on this cover right here) will you still give the book a chance? :) Contest will be open until Sunday, August 2.

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Manny's Heart Ebook Winner!

Hey, y'all. I apologize for this being so late but I totally got lost in Rainbow Con and in having two big releases at the same time. Yikes!

So anyhow - the winners in the Manny's Heart contest are...drumroll...

Eloreen Moon


Ann Anderson 


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Win a copy of Manny's Heart - Family of Misfits 3!

Happy Almost Release Day to me!

Manny's Heart, the third Family of Misfits books, comes out Friday, July 10 from MLR Press, but I'll be traveling to Tampa, Florida for Rainbow Con that day. If you're familiar with my Family you'll know Manny is the sweetest member of the clan. He's spoiled by everyone especially Ali, but it doesn't go to his head. The little lion had a tough start to life but fortunately found a place where love and adoration runs rampant for him.

This was the longest book I've ever written by at least 40,000 words. At 150,000, it will be available in ebook in its entirety but will be split in two for print copies that will be released at the same time. It was a hard choice and I fear the retail price for the ebook might turn some readers away.

All I can really say is it's 150,000 words of love, sadness, and rejoicing. It was a emotional book to write in some places and I have to say I wrote a character that I totally didn't like for the first time ever. Plus, y'all know I have to break my boys before I can put them back together, right?

I'll leave you with the blurb and an excerpt, plus a chance to win your own ebook copy of Manny's Heart. Leave your name, email address and tell me who your favorite Family of Misfit character is to enter the draw. I'll leave it open until Friday, July 17. Also, I'd appreciate it to the moon if you'd spread the word about Manny.