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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Plot bunnies are evil... but fun

I'd been working on the follow-up to my Outfoxed story - a longer one to be submitted to a publisher - 12,000 words so far and I still haven't got to the meat of the story. So I scheduled myself to write at least 1000 words a day while on holidays and I was doing great at that but then I got a stupid plot bunny in my head and decided to write a story for a Christmas anthology. (plot bunny was partially the responsibility of the lovely Lavinia Lewis who put the "anthology" part in my head :P) Only problem is the deadline is September 1 so I'm not sure I'm going to get it done and edited, plus my kids were all at the lake this week so didn't get as far as I'd hoped. No biggie - love having my kids here but truth be told, I'm ready for some dull quiet again.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do people make themselves feel better by bullying others?

I need to vent and write my feelings somewhere - so this is my choice of venues.

I'm on holidays and I made a decision while I've been at the lake to not co-author a series that someone had asked me to. I had agreed to take on the task with the stipulation that the only way we'd know if it would work and if we would be compatible was to give it a shot. It ended up being a major project on my behalf and the "red pencil" that I applied to only the first 7,000 words overwhelmed everything else in the document. It was an exhausting endeavour, time-consuming and involved no creative involvement on my part. The first book in the series was 60,000 words and it needed some serious editing.

I made the decision after deciding she was a little too pushy in telling me to think of it as "my job" and maybe I could take a few chapters to NOLA to give to editors and publishers. That all made me uncomfortable and had I wanted to do it, I'd certainly do it with my own work not on something that in all intents and purposes wasn't mine at all. I worded the email carefully, knowing she'd be upset especially since she'd had someone else bow out of the project before me. I didn't put down her writing or her character or anything else like that. I told her that with the right editing, her project could be good and I wished her the best of luck.

The email I got back was scathing, rude, demeaning and bullying. She attacked my character and the fact that I had discussed this with family and friends to make my decision. She said any rational person would be happy with having their name on the cover of the book and 50% of the profits. Excuse me, 50% of nothing is nothing.

She told me there is always a way to work things out when you "make an effort" and proceeded to tell me how normal people work a job, including breaks, lunch, etc. Excuse me again, lecturing me on how I treat my writing or my life is your business why? She accused me of not being an adult, on top of not being rational, plus apparently I have a "decided lack of character and maturity level". She said she was sick of supposedly decent people betraying her faith in them and I should be ashamed of myself.

*sighs* The problem with this situation is I take all criticism and harsh words to heart and when I say to heart, I mean right into the core of my heart where they stay and fester and grow low self-confidence and self-esteem. Not good qualities for an aspiring writer I know. I feel like she's going to spread lies about me and go around telling everyone what she thinks my character is and how rotten a human being I am, and though I shouldn't care, I do and it hurts.

I've whined enough so I'll end this - I hope everyone understands why I wrote it, not to be mean to anyone (I used no names after all) but to clear out my emotional mind of the moment. I'm gonna go back and try to enjoy the rest of my holidays now and maybe try to get back on the proverbial writers' horse before I completely fall off.

Thanks for listening.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I love my red pencil - addicted to editing?

I've heard writers say this before -"write first...edit later"- but I have to admit I'm really horrible about doing it. I tend to edit my stories to death while I'm writing and I can really understand where this article is coming from, especially the part about editing your rough draft while writing really slows down the process. It really makes me feel like I've done nothing and the story is just not progressing. It's because every time I open the file, I edit and nitpick and change things that I've already written so I don't even get to the story I'm trying to write.

I just end up with all this stuff in my head when I'm not even working on the story, especially at bedtime - "oh, Rylan should be thinking this or that in that one scene", "Gage should put those boots on while Rylan's watching not before he comes back". It's annoying and frustrating and I guess I just need to practice making notes somewhere else (I have this great set of interactive index cards that let me have a card for each character, for the band and for the plot). But the habit of editing and editing and editing some more is hard to break.

I know everyone writes their own way, have their own habits, but the way I write just doesn't seem as efficient or practical as the other way. I get it done eventually but just not in as timely a manner I guess. The article also says "it doesn't have to be perfect..." *ahem* they don't know me very well.

Here's part of the article and the source. (PS if you keep reading, I have a Glitter Fox excerpt at the bottom.

Write First…Edit Later
I promised to share with you the biggest mistake new writers make today. It’s the mistake which turns a short writing process into a full day drudgery. And it’s also a problem which isn’t limited only to new writers. Experienced writers go through periods of time where it weighs them down.

I’m talking about editing at the same time you’re writing. If you try to edit while you’re doing your first rough draft of any article, white paper, or book, you’re going to slow down the whole process to a snail’s pace. Writing and editing are a completely separate process, and you have to treat them as such.

When you sit down to write, you must write. Don’t worry about being perfect. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Just do it. Write. You’ll do your editing later in the process. You might end up cutting out several paragraphs from the beginning of your writing when you get to editing. It doesn’t matter. In fact, when I’m training people on doing copywriting, it’s normal for us to cut out the first few paragraphs or even their whole first page. It’s almost as if they’re going through a warm-up process in getting started.

So sit down and write. That’s the key. Don’t go back and edit. Don’t sit there and contemplate what you’ll say next. The more you can just write or type your thoughts out as they come to you, the easier the whole project will be. Don’t allow yourself to rethink what you wrote at this point. Don’t stop to go back and make changes yet. Just write it until it’s finished.


Short except on new character from Glitter Fox series - meet Anistazia. Think you'll like her? :)

Anistazia Flowers. Six feet two of sparkling, often-wigged, pierced and tattooed attitude. She was brash, moody, rude and over-the-top bitchy, but she was also Rylan and Gage’s best friend. The pair had met Ani when Glitter Fox was first starting out and when Anistazia — “with a z honey” — was still Andy Baumgartner from Findlay, Ohio. Anistazia had been a pretty but unhappily, insecure boy, having hitchhiked across the country to find him… or herself, as fate would have it. She'd been one of those guys that even though tall in stature, had drifted and faded into the background like little more than a ghost.

Slim to emancipated body type, shaggy dishwater hair hanging limp against his acne-pocked, sallow skin, Andy/Ani had stumbled upon the band at one of the smoky, dilapidated bars they’d been playing in, falling instantly in love with Rylan and Gage, and the whole musician lifestyle. She started following them around, town to town, dive bar to dive bar, hitching rides under not the best of circumstances, until the band had just invited her along.
In the beginning she slept with both of them, often at the same time, as well as offering herself up freely as designated driver, chief cook and bottle washer just to earn her keep so she didn't have to go back to that "horrible world of horse shit, overalls and country bumpkins" - her words. The boys had never abused her favours nor had they ever admitted they would have kept her anyway because as quickly as she became attached to them, they’d also become attached to her. Gradually as Andy’s confidence grew, Anistazia had been born and the previous shit-shoveling farm boy had never looked back. Now she was a full-fledged member of the crew, taking care of the band's wardrobe, make-up and hair products, all things neither Rylan or Gage had ever imagined needed to be taken care of at all. But more importantly, she was always there when they needed her, guns locked and loaded with support and drama. 

One more thing before I sign off - I'm looking to start a critique group. It's not something I've ever done before nor really know how to do, but I think it would be beneficial. I already have one wonderful writer willing to take part and I think we'll aim for September, but if anyone is looking for this sort of group or knows of someone who is or already has a group looking for members, let me know. I'll do a post on this eventually too. Cheers.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why Bert and Ernie should get married... (not mine)

~~I found this post through of all people, porn star Brent Everett, and though I know nothing about American politics - since I am Canadian - I thought it was pretty cool. I've credited the source at the bottom.~~


Why Bert and Ernie Should Get Married
by Erin Sherbert

It's about time someone pushed gay marriage on television's gayest couple -- Bert and Ernie. Even if you are a gay-hating, Christian-loving Republican, it's hard not to get a warm and fuzzy feeling when you see the "roommates" together on television.

But those two have been stuffed away in the closet for too long -- and people are ready for them to come out. Change.org has started a petition, asking PBS to allow the popular Sesame Street pals to call it like it is and get gay married.

So far 700 people -- and counting -- have signed onto the petition. And for those who still have their doubts that the homosexual puppets should get married, we offer our reasons to consider also scrawling your name in favor of this union.

(drum roll please)

5. The "W" Club: Bert has that freaky fetish with the letter "W" -- he's even the president of the National Association of W Lovers -- a group of Muppets who just can't get enough of the letter. And we can safely conclude that the word "wedding" wouldn't be the same without a "W."

4. Bert can dump his make-believe girlfriend: Every closeted gay couple knows the best way to beat back suspicion is to publicly announce one, or both of you, have partnered up with the opposite sex. Bert has fooled kids for decades, using a nameless woman as his beard. He even wrote a song about her titled "I want to hold your ear." Although it's not that convincing -- if Bert is really having sex with this woman, wouldn't he want to hold so many other things besides her ear?

3. Ernie's rubber duckie will no longer be a euphemism: We all know how much Ernie likes his tubby time, and it's even better with his "special friend," rubber duckie. But c'mon: How much time do you think Ernie really spends squeezing and fondling that damn duck? That's only what they show on TV. If PBS would just allow Ernie to marry Bert, then we could finally watch them have tubby time together.

2. They're clearly in Love: While PBS and other self-loathing people everywhere will claim that these two grown men have a platonic relationship, we're not buying this crap that they are just roommates. I mean how many male "roommates" have a photo like the one above hanging in their shared space?

And finally...

1. Dumb it down for Republicans: Gay marriage is a very, very difficult concept for Republicans to grasp, no matter how many times you explain it to them. But think about how much Sesame Street has already taught us about the basics. We've learned so much about spelling, reading, writing, and even counting. If we let Bert and Ernie tie the knot and show it live on the popular kids' show, then maybe, just maybe, the concept would be simplified just enough that both kindergartners and Republicans could understand.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Favorite rocker stories

I have a serious rock star addiction and probably obsession, too. I call myself a rocker groupie because in all fairness I kind of am or at least, have been in the past. Last year I saw the same band 10 - no - 11 - no, I think it was 12 times - in Canada and the States. Live shows bring out things in me that aren't normally there; I become more social, more of an extrovert, more unaware of my self-conscousness and self-confidence issues. So I think it's only natural that rock star books and hot rock star boys make me happy.

Anyhow since I do have this obsession and I'm writing my own rocker series, Glitter Fox, I'm going to share my fave rock star reads with you.

Jordan's got a good life. He's got his own web business, a fat cat for a pet and his own house, which he shares with his sister -- oh well, nothing's perfect. Also not perfect is not having someone special to share his life with. His sister Rebecca believes it's because he's too picky and too unapproachable, but Jordan just wants someone to do the Sunday crossword with, take walks with, someone who'll be his mate for life. Is that really too much to ask?

One night Rebecca drags Jordan to a Tyler Curtis concert. Tyler is a notorious bad boy who treats his audience with contempt and sleeps with a different groupie every night, and Rebecca is determined to be tonight's groupie. Jordan is there under protest. At least he is until he meets the man beneath the crass, bad boy image. Will Jordan get to know the true Tyler or will Tyler's manager and a world wanting the man to match the image conspire against them?

I love this book and it's one of the only m/m books I've read, and really enjoyed, that doesn't complete the sex act. Some people don't like that aspect of the book but I didn't feel like I'd been slighted in the least. The emotions and issues in this story are raw, complex and real and I challenge anyone to not find something in this book that strikes a chord with them. I cried a whole lot of tears but recovered with a whole lot of smiles and "awwwws". Fabulous writing and characters make it just a fabulous read.


Vocally gifted singer, Jesse Alexander, has dreams of taking his band, Conquest, to the top. Evan Arden was thought of as a musical genius when at the height of his career he vanished from the spotlight. Together, their relationship is just as intense as their music careers. With success pushing down on them, Jesse must decide between his life of music, or his life with Evan.

There are 5 books in this series and I loved them all, but I have to say my faves are the original Conquest, Not Fear and Black Heart Down because I think they all involve my fave couple in the books - Evan and Jesse. That seems to be a pattern of mine - the first couple in a series usually end up being my fave. I could read about these boys for days and yeah, I probably have. They're emotional and loving and supportive and I can only hope my Glitter Fox boys will touch someone as much as Evan and Jesse touched me. As far as I'm concerned, SJ and Jet Mykles are the "queens of rock stars" and I bow down to their greatness. ;)


Danny and Jeff have never had an easy relationship. Danny admits early on that he wants Jeff, maybe even loves him, but all Jeff wants is a normal life, at least as normal as a rock star can have. Over the years, the two of them will come together and drift apart, as Danny spirals deeper into depression over what he feels is an unrequited love. Jeff has his ownreasons for pushing Danny away, but when he finally decides to take life by the horns and find Danny again, it might be too late. Can Jeff and Danny find a wayto put their past behind them, and build a future as bright as the prospects of their new band?

This book just blew me away. There's really nothing sweet or mushy about it, at least not in an overall way. It's gritty and raw and made me want to throw things on occasion - at the characters - but it's also memorable and real. It takes place over several years and there are no angels and saints to be found - everyone has their own flaws, some far greater than others, but the beautiful way its written, makes you just wanna adopt these guys, flaws and all.


Heaven Sent gets a hell of new keyboardist with a name to match. Hell Witting is an amazing musician and proves to be the answer to a sound that the band was missing. With lavender hair and big violet eyes, he captivates Brent Rose from the start, and not just with his music. When Hell makes his interest in Brent all too obvious, Brent is unprepared and unable to stay away. So, fine, if they just keep it at sex, everything will be all right...

This isn't the first in the Heaven Sent series but actually the third. I did like them all but I ended up with this special obsession with the little lavender-haired, alpha-in-the-sack, keyboardist named Hell. He's pretty damn special and together with Brent, they're an awesome combination. Jet has another rockstar series and I love that one, too, but I'll just let Hell speak for her for now.


Brandon Ashwood had it all--fame, fortune, and Nicholas Kilmain--but it took almost losing everything to realize his most important possession was his belief in himself. And the one thing he'd fight for was Nicholas.

This book broke my heart in a lot of ways and in a lot of places, but that's also the kind of story I like as long as the ending makes me feel better again. It was a complex, angsty, emotional read, twisting and turning much like the characters' minds and hearts. The complexities came in the form of a back and forth pattern of past and present references, and though, the "past" journal did add the backstory, I found myself just wanting more of the "present" story which, yeah, I eventually got. The characters were rich, well-drawn and believable with both strengths and flaws. It was another total tear-jerker for me and that's not a bad thing.


Cassidy Monarch had dreams to sing, to be famous, to tour the world at the head of his own rock band. Then his parents were killed in a tragic accident, leaving him to raise his two siblings. Determined to hold on to what remained of his family, Cassidy settled into an ordinary life, his dreams of fame reduced to occasional nights of singing at karaoke dives. But his careful, ordinary life began to fray with his new job, and the beautiful, charming boss who reminds him of all the things he tried to stop wanting.

Malcolm Osborne is a classic rags to riches story, a foster child who wound up with the perfect family and more money than he knows what to do with. He's wealthy, beautiful, successful, and completely miserable. Then he hires a new worker for his office, a young, hard-working man with a sadness in his eyes that Malcolm aches to banish, hoping that in doing so he will be rid of his own loneliness as well

This was a beautiful read and Cassidy is just an incredible, all-round character. The story is one of the sweetest that I've ever read in this genre and it sucks the reader into the psyche and dreams of this lovely young man. Truly great read.


Hard rock band Schadenfreude is finally on the verge of the success that’s eluded them for the last several years. With Aaron McClure as their new lead singer, nothing’s going to stop them…except maybe a steamy, secret relationship between Aaron and bassist Bastian Koehler. Aaron knows all too well what can happen when band members get involved with each other. After all, his last band was a casualty of his last relationship, and Schadenfreude forbids band members from dating for that very reason. But Bastian is too hot to resist, and besides, it’s just sex, so what’s the harm?

Bastian has just gotten out of a long relationship with his volatile ex-fiancĂ©e when Aaron catches his eye. The sexy singer is irresistible, and in spite of the potential for strife within the band if this comes out, Bastian can’t help himself.

Their passion in the bedroom is rivaled only by their ambition as musicians, though, and pretty soon, it's going to tear them, and Schadenfreude apart, if they can't get back to playing with the band.

The secrets and passion and just plain hotness really sold me on this book. I could just hear the music and see the bandmembers rocking out on stage - that's how descriptive and great the writing was.


Jake Brenner has too many wild oats to sow to fall in love—or so he claims. Besides, he's much too busy with his band, the Wayward Sons, to go looking for romance. His reticence has nothing to do with his embarrassing crush on Chris, the band's lead singer and Jake's erstwhile best friend. But that was before enigmatic wanderer Parker McAvoy signed on as the band's new lead guitarist.

He can only deny his attraction to sweet, dorky Parker for so long before the urge to do something about it becomes impossible to ignore. The trouble is, Parker knows all about Jake's philandering ways—and oh, yeah, he's not gay. Or so Jake thinks until a string of related events provides encouraging new insight. Can he convince Parker to overlook his colorful past and give him a chance? Or will this love song fade out before it even begins?

Sweet story with not a lot of angst but that was okay under the circumstances. It's a soothing story that's comprised of blog entries which really work in the context. The ending is perfect HEA and as Baby Bear says everything ended "Just right."


Monday, August 8, 2011

Inspirational pic for a YA story

I've been brainstorming about a YA m/m romance that I'd like to write based on this pretty picture. Isn't it sort of serene and beautiful? The only problem, besides all the WIPs I already have on the go, is that YA is a totally different ballgame so to speak. I'll have to watch the language and the sexual content but that's jut a different challenge, right?

Anyhow, I'm going to give it a go so now I need to start my wheels turning. Usually I have a name for my characters right away but none have hit me yet. Do any of you look at the picture and have names that just jump out at you? If so, definitely throw them out there for me to consider.

Have a good Monday. :)

PS I just have to say how excited it makes me to see "Outfoxed" on the All Romance site - I know it's not really published and it's free, but it's still very, very cool. :D

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Edge of Glory (it does get better)

This is a beautiful video with a beautiful message, and even though I'm not really a Gaga fan, the song fits perfectly. It actually made me tear up a little. *blows nose*

Gay Youtube - The Edge Of Glory Fan Video
A fan video for Lady Gaga's "Edge Of Glory" with a gay marriage twist. This video is for everybody. Who has ever loved. And has been loved in return. To those that think it never does or will get better. It does. It does get better, it becomes beautiful.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Outfoxed now in free PDF

I finally got the PDF file together for my free read on GoodReads. Thanks to Zathyn and Stacey Jo for all their help. I have to give some much-deserved recognition to the M/M Romance group since they're the reason this story came to be so if you're not already a member, click the link on the right and go read some awesome free stories from Real Life Authors. Lol. The stories from Hot July Days will also be published in a free anthology sometime in the fall. Here's the link to the group.

GR M/M Romance Group

That doesn't mean you can't download and keep the PDF (click the link), just give the group some love too, and if you feel like it leave me a review. I'm already working on the next part of the series that I'm hoping to get published for real, so if you like my boys, Rylan and Gage, stay tuned. :)


Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I HEART Vincent D'Onofrio

Just some Vincent D'Onofrio loving for my bffs Ivan and Linda who love him as much as I do. There's just something about the man - it's not only his looks because he's not what you'd consider classically hot - it's more like some kind of aura that surrounds him and affects his whole persona, plus he's a spectacular actor.

The first clip is from a movie called The Velocity of Gary, also starring Selma Hayek and Thomas Jane. Vincent plays a bi-sexual porn star who totally gets busy with both Selma and Thomas.

This is just a collage of Vincent pics and scenes with some lovely music. He's just a haunted-looking man, isn't he?

Ha - he was Thor in Adventures in Babysitting. Wow - he looks so young.

Edgar, in Men In Black, looking for some sugar.

And of course, as Robert Goren, my all-time favourite. It may come as a surprise that even though I'm anti-het, I would have loved for Bobby to end up with Alex if I couldn't have my gay HEA. This is the final scene from Law and Order: Criminal Intent and I think it's beautiful and leaves it open to the viewers to decide the "couple's" fate. In my head, they lived HEA together and in love. :P

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thor - umph

Ha! I did love this movie and not only because of this wonderful shirtless scene. My husband said it was a gratuitous use of low-cut jeans. Lol.

Can't believe it's the same guy. :P

My bio

I tried to post my bio on my profile page but it's *ahem* too long - snickers. I worked hard on it so I'm going to post it here instead. :)

~~ K-Lee Klein has lived in one part of Western Canada or another for her entire life. She's a doting mother of three now-grown kids and has had characters and plots running around her head for as long as she can remember. Though this is her first foray into throwing her original fiction out into the web universe, she hopes to substitute her passion for writing beautiful, emotional men for her previous jobs as a hockey manager/coach, school band volunteer and overall chauffeur.
~~ When K-Lee’s not fully engaged inside her worlds of fabulous gay men, taunting and teasing them until she can’t take it anymore and finally gives into the sappy, romantic side of herself,
she can be found with her nose in her eReader or maybe lounging on the couch with a cat on each side watching reruns galore of Criminal Minds or Law and Order: Criminal Intent.
She also enjoys cooking shows (but not cooking), fashion reality shows (but not fashion), reality shows in general (oh, the drama) and music loud enough to shake the rafters.
Her dream is to live on the cliffs of Newfoundland with a stable full of horses
and maybe some lovely stable boys to help out (and for inspiration for her writing), with plenty of room for visitors and a kitchen big enough for her favorite Newfy boys, Great Big Sea, to give rip-roaring kitchen-party performances.

~~ For now she lives with an overly-patient husband who totally does not get her thing for gay men, two spoiled but wonderful sons (who don’t get it either), two also spoiled but beautiful cats, many phone calls with her daughter who has already left the nest,

and an abundance of fabulous gay men, large and small, bouncing off the walls of her skull, competing for their turns to tell their stories.