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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Give-away & Survivor love

I'm having a streak of writers' block and it's making me crazy. I still have to post about GRL but the words just aren't there either so I've been catching up on the shows I taped while I was gone.

I don't think it's any big secret that I'm a reality show junkie - from So You Think You Can Dance to Hell's Kitchen to Big Brother - I like them all but I think my first fave was and still is Survivor. Hello, my name is K-lee and i'm a Survivor-aholic. 

I've been watching from the very first season which has spanned 12 years and 25 seasons. I've always had a favourite player of course and yeah, they've always been dudes and a lot of the time, probably hot dudes - okay almost all the time, in my opinion. But I don't intentionally search for the babe in the show each season - it just naturally happens. ;)

So in between organizing my WIPs, deleting emails and generally getting frustrated that Ali is not speaking to me at the moment - he can be such a bitch - I decided to share my fave player in each season.

Wow, that was more work than I thought over two days but believe it or not, it sparked some creativity and I've managed to write a little here and there. Goes to show that sometimes trying too hard is exactly what hinders the whole process - any process really. It also shows that my brain needs something to do when it seems to be running on empty and searching for lovely boys is a very good way to challenge it. I hope you enjoy my little trip down Survivor memory lane. 

And now that my brain is firing on a few more cylinders than it has been for the past week, I'm going to do a give-away. Leave your name, email address and a nice little comment for a chance to win an ebook copy Trick of Dreams which comes out on Halloween. 

Misha hates Halloween. Nothing good has ever come of it even though it was the day he was born. He spends his days at a thankless job and fills his nights turning tricks. His only reprieves from his miserable life are his best friend and the alluring dreams that come to him night after night.

On his first Halloween as a free man, a string of strange occurrences only firm up his position on the dreaded day. But the kindness of a stranger and a gift from his best friend send Misha's mind reeling with flashes of his dreams and what was once unrecognizable suddenly becomes a little more familiar.


Now on to my Survivor faves

Season 25 - Philippines
Malcolm Freberg
Flowing hair, cute smile, sense of humour and so hot.
From 18 to 11 people down and he's still around - keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Family of Misfits Character Collector Cards

I've been dying to share my character cards with everyone that didn't go to GRL and since it's over, here they are. :) My fabulous friend, writer and graphic designer - L.C. Chase - made them for me - she's also the one who did the cover for Lucius' Bite and will do the rest of the series too. And if you ask her what kind of client I am I'm sure she'll say a very picky, anal retentive, perfectionist one. ;) And I totally am.

It took me a long time to find the right faces to go with my characters - would be so much easier if we could pick just any old picture off the net and use it how we see fit. But since that's definitely not the case, I scoured the photo sites looking for just the right boys and I think I've found them. Ali and Nicu were the toughest and poor L.C. had to try to Ali-up my witch's hair. Manny will be my next searching task. You'll notice Kalo doesn't have a bio because he's still a bit of a mystery but his card has a teaser for the next book in the series, tentatively called Ali's Intuition. Hope you like. :)
(PS I have lots leftover if anyone would like a set)

Release Day for PRIVATE DICKS: UNDERCOVERS (2 days late)

It's release day!!! Okay, so I'm a couple days late but I did know when it went live even if I didn't advertise it. Lol. Well, I probably did on twitter and facebook but this poor blog always gets last dibs.

I also swear I will get my GRL thoughts blogged soon - still a little overwhelmed at getting home and settling back into life. Need to get my pink wipe-off board back into use so I can can myself organized since right now I'm flailing around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I will pick the winner in the "Not Going to GRL" contest next week since I have to wait for my lovely friends to ship my books and leftover swag from GRL. Soon, my people, soon.

But anyhow - the PRIVATE DICKS: UNDERCOVERS anthology featuring my story "The P.I. & the Rockstar" is finally out. I've seen the rough version of the print copy too, and it's fabulous.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Not going to GRL? Enter my prize pack giveaway.

Happy Monday, y'all. You know I don't say that in real life - ya'll. But I have a lot of friends who do and I enjoy writing it. :)

For anyone who isn't going to Gay RomLit, this is your chance to win a prize pack of the things I'll be pimping at the retreat.
The prize pack will include:

 A signed, print copy of LUCIUS' BITE - FAMILY OF MISFITS 1

A signed, print copy of DOMESTIC RELATIONS

4 Collector Character cards from Lucius' Bite

A double-sided postcard featuring two of my books.

Two K-lee Klein pens *snickers*

And maybe something Canadian, eh?

I'll ship anywhere - just keep in mind the further you are away, the longer the wait will be, plus the mail system is a little damn slow.

The random giveaway will close on October 25 and prizes will be shipped after that date.

To enter, leave your name, email address and some small comment that will make me smile (always appreciated). For extra entries - 1. invite a friend to enter (they should mention your name in their comment), 2. follow my blog, 3. follow me on twitter, 4. post this link somewhere else.

I'm not sure how many posts I'll have between now and then, but with two new releases at the end of October, you can expect at least two more contests when I get back.  Good Luck and have a great couple of weeks.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cat crisis, Comfort zones, Cosmic Avengers & Crazy week

Good day. Despite the lovely cookie monster over there <-- this post isn't about cookies or pretty monsters.

Cat Crisis - We had a cat crisis in our house last week of epic proportions - to put it honestly, we thought Miss Henri was on her deathbed because of the way she was acting.

It was so close to how our dog Willow had acted last year when he think she had a stroke - Willow had to be put to sleep three days after we noticed the change. In that period of time she went blind, couldn't walk, couldn't control her bladder and lots of seizures. We said goodbye to her on Good Friday last year.
Henri was luckier. She hadn't had a seizure and she wasn't dying - but she was very sick.

After two trips to the vets and one to the emergency animal hospital, it was discovered she had a very large abscess on her anal gland (TMI) and it had ruptured in two places. She had fever and infection and was lethargic and like one big wet noodle when we picked her up. They did surgery and she came home four hours later with a lovely cone on her head.

She didn't seem to be improving that much in the first couple of days but then she started not hiding as much and being a little bossy. Last night we took the cone off her head and she's almost back to her good old self.  It was a scary time and being that my depression is kicking my ass right now, it make it all the more emotional and frightening. Sometimes I think we forget how important our furry family is to us.