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Friday, February 22, 2013

Isabella Carter blog tour is stopping here!

Please welcome a friend and fellow Less Than Three author, Isabella Carter, to my blog. She's in the midst of a blog tour and this is her stop for today. Isabella is an occasional knitter and she loves Disney, gaming and happy endings. AND she's a real sweetheart. I owe her a Sandy Relief story and she hasn't nagged me about it at all. Back to business, Isabella is touring to promote her new book, A Shadow of a Dream, and she's also doing a giveaway on her blog. All the info is at the end of this post. So have a read and make Isabella feel welcome. 


One of the important groups in Shadow of a Dream is the Order of Watchers, the hunters of witches, demons, and all other monsters that go bump in the night. The Order is supposed to be the great good protecting the world from the tyranny of magic, but as with any institution run by humans, it is rife with corrupts and those looking to serve their own interests. There is a lot of good in the order, the problem is that it's eclipsed by the pride and greed of those seeking fame or bloody vengeance

Hunters are expected to be detectives, jury, and sometimes executioner all in one. It's not a job with a high expectancy of survival and few hunters survive past their twenties. Those who do are awarded the title of elders and put on the council to manage the younger generations of hunters.

There is no room for gray in the hunter philosophy, no such thing as a good witch, only a time bomb waiting to explode in your face. And that is why there is no room for questions, only soldiers that execute their orders without asking.

Ultimately, this is Basil's biggest problem with the Order. He's not content with the what, he must know the why and most times, the Elders don't have the answers. It's easier to brand something a malcontent than to give an answer. And while Basil is loyal to the idea that forms the basis of the Order, he finds himself questioning the organization. In this, Alexander proves a perfect foil, loyal to both the idea and the organization.

Basil's struggle between his loyalty and his need for answers provide one of the larger conflicts in the story. If the Order isn't going to give him the answers, then it's clear he's going to have to look somewhere else. Unfortunately, the Order has clear rules for dealing with supernatural creatures and if he's not careful, he'll find himself on the wrong end of a hunt.

Excerpt from the hunter's handbook.

Regarding the Fae

1: Never trust a fae
The fae exist only to serve their own needs. They were inherently selfish creatures who take whatever catches their attention and twist it to their own needs. A fae does not share something that they consider theirs. Ever. And power be with you if you are unfortunately enough to catch a fae's attention. They won't leave until one of you are broken and the fae never break.

2: Never make a deal with the fae
The deal will never be in your favor and (see above) the fae do not share. Any help they offer is only in the most literal of sense. Don't accept a debt from the fae either. Any assistance they offer is often tainted by their near irresistible urge to commit evil.

3: Never fall for the fae
While they are undeniably beautiful, you are but a toy to their whims. Their heart forever lies in their home where humans are but servants and and pretty dolls to be admired. Fae have no heart, but they will delight in taking yours as their trophy.

Never forget that fae are creatures of great power and with this power comes an even greater potential for evil. Never forget that they are not human. No matter how much they appear to be, they will never be one of us. Never forget, fae do not have hearts.

So always aim for the head.



Solving a murder is never an easy matter, even when circumstances are ideal. For Basil, circumstances are far from ideal. Because the murder is far more complicated than at first it seems, and before he can even begin to solve it Basil must contend with a council that refuses to listen to him, a partner he despises, and a thief who is a temptation that Basil cannot seem to resist …

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In closing, thank you so much for taking the time to read and I hope you've enjoyed a little peak into Shadow. And I want to say thank you to the ever lovely K-Lee for hosting me.

There's also a giveaway! You can enter a giveaway for an ebook copy of Shadow of a Dream at my blog, http://marrontenshi.blogspot.com/2013/02/release-day.html. The giveaway runs until midnight, February 28th.

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