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Monday, September 17, 2012

Contest winner, Fanfiction query & Hephaistion

Congratulations to Lisa who won a free ebook from the awesome Zathyn Priest from his interview last week! *throws confetti* And thank you to everyone who stopped by to comment. 


I thought I'd make this a double purpose post because I have a ponderance that I'm obviously pondering. I've been writing a submission for a serial - something I've never done before - and it's been very daunting to say the least. In my head writing a serial story is different than writing a normal story, so to speak. I'm having issues with it because I don't think it's fitting the story I had in my mind and will be too heavy and not rockstar-central enough to submit for the serial call - not that it's anywhere near done anyhow. 

Now I'm debating whether I can write something else in time for the deadline which is September 30. Neither the serial itself or the story I was already writing is my what I'm deliberating in my brain though. My mind has gone to whether or not it's ethical or politically correct to take inspiration from some of my fanfiction stories. For me it's a really logical place to go since it's a rockstar story I'm writing - and also one of my top sub-genres in m/m romance - plus it's where I got my start in writing things I actually let people read.

I started out my fanfiction career - lol - writing Alexander the Great and Hephaistion but my second and probably more prolific stories were rockstars in love. I wrote one band predominantly and one of the members much more than the others and I still love those stories and the band, of course. So I guess I'm wondering if it's wrong - either in an ethical or cheating way - if I let some of those fics influence the rockstars I'm still continuing to write. I don't mean I'm going to recycle my old stories - *ahem* like a very popular BDSM book being made into a movie - and the characters will obviously be different, but is it okay to use those inspirational times of writing - and following that particular band around to over 13 gigs - to help me with the new rockers in my head?

And I'm not talking solely about this serial story I'm wanting to write because as I already said rockstars are one of my favourite subjects to read and write. It may sound like an odd ponderance and query but it's valid in my head and as I'm someone who always fears I'll offend someone, I like to think things over before attempting things... over-thinking obviously being the norm for me. 

Now just because you asked - lol or didn't and I just feel the need - please feel free to ogle my inspiration for all my Alexander the Great/Hephaistion fics. And yes, I definitely had more of an addiction to Phai than Xander (played of course by the gorgeous Jared Leto and a big obsession for me - can you guess who the band was that I wrote all my bandslash about now?)  :)

Oh, and did I mention I have a poster-sized Hephaistion hanging in my bedroom. ;)


  1. Thanks K-lee and Zathyn! :)

    I'm pretty sure I know which band you liked to write about. :D Love your inspirational pictures!

    Please write more rockstars! I really don't think you need to worry about offending anyone for using past stories as inspiration.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. I'm happy for your answer.