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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Glimpses of life, wips, vikings and Conan the Barbarian... NSFW

I'm back from holidays with a lovely sinus infection, ear infection and strangely enough my eyes are hurting too, plus a boatload of online drama as soon as I walked in the door. I'm trying to just move on but there's still some hurt and self-doubt but rather than dwelling, I thought I'd do a mostly gratuitous post to cheer me up, plus my muse has decided he's too sick to write, too. *pokes him*

WIPs - not the fun part of the post but here's where I'm at on what I'm writing. I obviously have ADHD issues and my muse cannot stick to one idea at a time - I shall learn to train him properly though... soon.

Glitter Fox series - about 15,000 words done on the next part - I've introduced a couple of new characters and decided Rylan and Gage are in for a bumpy ride. There has been and will be sex.

Cowboy Christmas story - No longer a Christmas story since I didn't make the deadline, well to be honest, I didn't try very hard. A week isn't very long especially when you're on holidays with your kids visiting so... I decided not to rush it and it's ended up growing bigger than it was supposed to anyhow. (I do have a problem with that - snickers) It will be the same story that I posted here but without the Christmas slant. Billy-Jo is still all angsty and let's hope Wyatt can do something about that. It's at about 11,000 words and I hope there will be sexy barn sex. lol

Scottish vampire - lost love story - I don't know if the guy in the pic is supposed to be a vampire but he sure as hell should be. *purrs* This story is only about 5,000 words so far but there are notes and stuff kicking around and Kael (my Scottish, Buddist vamp) is very vivid in my head. Hopefully I'll get to it sometime. There will definitely be loving sex.

Angel series - this isn't much of anything yet - a lot of notes but I know my first angel will be Anael, the Angel of Romance. I'm hoping to do a series about the different angels - I know there's other series out there but everyone writes different, right? I'm an angel-junkie so why not? *shrugs* Yep, you guessed it, there'll be angel sex.

YA story - nothing happening with this one right now but I'm quite inspired by the pic and I think one of the young beauties will be names Ivan. :) Probably just some first kisses and caresses and lots of eye-staring and shyness.

And finally, just when my muse has more than enough to inspire me with - and I partially blame this on the movie I went to last week, he gets this hankering to write some sort of barbarian-type romance. (cue the sexy Jason Momoa "Conan the Barbarian" pic) I have 3,000 words but my character isn't a barbarian but a viking. lol
Do you know how hard it is to find sexy viking pics - there are very few.:(

By the way, I loved the movie - my husband was not so impressed. He said Arnold's version was better *gags a little* because there was less dialogue. Lol - my reply "that's because Arnold can't talk". But I mean come on, only a guy would say Arnold was better than Jason - just look at the man. Okay, maybe that just shows my shallow movie choices and love of *ahem* talented (hot) men sweating and fighting and bleeding and just generally looking masculine and mean - don't get me wrong I love my sensitive, pretty boys too - I guess I just like a wide range of men. *snickers again* The theatre was me, some other women and all the rest were men - those women just didn't know what they were missing. The hair, the pecs (he never wore a shirt in the whole movie - swoons), the arms, the freaking hot "skirt and booties". I was ready to go back and watch him, I mean the movie, again. :P

He has a really great smile too. And his eyes always have this sexy, mischievous and gonna-whip-your-ass-for-killing-my-father look in them. *insert sniffles* One of my favourite lines was when he was with the princess-chick and he was like "Women, come here" - no apologies and no sappy "I fall at your feet crap" - he stayed true barbarian. And there was a sex scene - unfortunately with said chick - complete with boobs (lots of boobs in this movie) and his naked butt. Holy hell batman. *drools* Okay, I've gone completely off topic - a couple more gratuitous Jason pics and I'll move on. :P

There's this one...

And this one... (kinda graphic)

And this...

And *sighs* this one...

And finally a couple more.

And he plays this guy in Game of Thrones - or as my boys call it, Sex and Swords.

As for vikings, like I said pics are hard to find. But just think about how cool they are?

Cool ships

Cool helmets

Cool swords

Cool skins - lol

So yeah, I think I can write some hot, angsty, man-loving vikings without too much violence or bloodshed - maybe just in a you-saved-my-ass-I-love-you way. :)

There you have it - my mostly gratuitous, long-overdue post. If you find any hot viking pics send them my way and if you have anything you'd like to see on this blog, I'm open for suggestions - pics, videos, books, give me a sign.

Oh and I just happened to find a very gratuitous pic of Jason, I mean Conan's butt. :D

That was hard work, my head's aching now and I'm gonna go lie down - peace out everyone. :D
PS - this kind of makes me sound like all I want to write is sex but that's pretty far from the truth - the storyline is where it's at for me and if I can incorporate some intense emotion and heartache, I'll do that - then they'll have sex.


  1. Lol. Thanks for the droolworthy pics. :P Sorry to hear you've been ill, I hope you feel better soon. I love the sound of your new wips. Hope you can get more writing done when you feel better. And if you learn how to tame your muse, please let me know. ;)

    Btw, did you watch True blood? Alexander Skarsgard plays a vampire who used to be a viking. Double whammy! lol There are some great pics to be found of him on the net as both. I shall leave you now to go peruse :)

  2. I have to say you sure have a lot planned, sounds cool.

    Sorry you aren't feeling well.

    I have to say that dude does nothing for me LOL

    If you want to see an awesome but kinda of gruesome viking movie check out The 13th Warrior

  3. Sorry you are ill:( Being sick is no fun!

    Ivan is so right, loved the 13th Warrior:)


  4. I'm kinda partial to vampires, but after seeing these pictures, could possibly find room for vikings.

  5. Oh girl, you have a lot in planning, but your wips sound great.

    The guy isn't so not my type ... but the last pic with his lovely b*** ... ahem ... leg ... is so droolworthy!!

  6. I'm sorry to hear that you are ill but I'm glad that you have a lot of things planned. :)

  7. @Lavinia - I heard Alexander was going to be playing a Viking in an actual movie. Hot viking indeed. :)

    @Ivan and @Arzu - Maybe you had to see him in action swinging his big... sword. :P

    @TJ - Thanks hon. One of the pics is from the 13th Warrior - just can't remember which one. Just over a month until I see you in person - cool. :)

    @DarkM - Thanks - too much planned perhaps. As Lavinia said, I need to tame my muse - tie him to one project at a time. Thanks for commenting. :)
    @Candice - I'm a vamp, shifter, barbarian girl now - never hurts to expand your horizons. :)