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Monday, September 19, 2011

Men with dogs

My friend, one of only a handful of RL ones, had to go to the hospital yesterday. She has depression and took some pills - I was talking to her via BBM at the time and called her daughter. I don't think her intention was to end things, just to find some peace in her mind just as I know I've wanted on occasion. Her daughter didn't know what to do so I put my firm mommy-voice on the phone (even though she's older than me) and told her she had to go. Her daughter thanked me later, saying she was glad I was tough with her because she would only seem to listen to me. I think it's because I've been there and she knows it. She's in the hospital now, the best place for her I believe but I'm still worried, you know? I've put people through the same thing so I guess I have an appreciation of the helplessness that comes with not being able to soothe someone's mind when they're feeling that low. Anyhow - my friend is a big dog-lover so I thought I'd post some pics for whenever she can read this post and though she's not the perv man-lover that I am, I don't think she'd mind that I've mixed the dogs up with some pretty men. Peace. ***
I'll start with a few of my fave *coughs* gay porn couple - Samuel Colt and Christ Porter and their adorable pups, Eggs and Bacon. :)
Yeah, as usual I overloaded this post. Sorry about that.


  1. Nothing cuter than a guy and his dog. Awww...

  2. Hugs to you and your friend.

    Love the pictures. They are bound to make anyone smile.

  3. Karen I hope your friend will be better soon <3

    Those pictures are very sweet :)

  4. Thank you for all the lovely pics! I hope your friend gets better soon. x