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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pondering and a little discouraged

As a new or hoping-to-be-new-at-some-point author, I find it discouraging that there is always so much grief and overly-critical discussion about whether m/m books are all the same, redundant, badly written, simply reworked plots, characters and sex scenes. I, myself, bitch and whine about some of the books I read for their lack of editing and proofing, but I can usually still appreciate the story and the work that went into it.

This just seems to be a genre that eats its own more times than it encourages new blood, and that's very disheartening to me. It makes me feel like there really isn't a point in putting in the effort to get published, going through the fear, frustration and worry that entails actually sending a manuscript for perusal.

I'm not going to quit, writing is just too important to me, but it is something that weighs on my mind when I hear that a lot of readers won't even give new authors a chance because they just assume the whole genre has become tired and old and uninspiring. I'm not referring to anyone or anything in this post, just relaying my thoughts on the issue.


  1. I feel the same as you....but one thing I can say is dont listen to the nay-sayers many times they are just disgruntled for whatever reason, and take it out on those who may be just a wee bit more talented than they....stick with it....whatever you do, write for you first!!! words to live by.....I do ;)

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  3. Yeah and some of the loudest people claim to love the genre. I call BS. I think they just like to pretend they are experts and when people call them on it they decide to ignore the comments that don't agree with them. Whatever.

    I love the genre and think there are many wonderful books still to read,

  4. Don't feel discouraged! There are people who won't try a new author, but there are others who are constantly on the lookout for something new and fresh. I've read your stuff and you definitely have talent. There will always be critics and it's really hard and scary to put yourself out there sonetimes, but you'll find your niche. :)

  5. I think all books get a litte recycled, just like most things. The important thing is the authors talent to write a story and keep the reader engaged. I have read many M/M books that are similar to each other but they are always different because each writer is.

    So don't get discouraged. You do your thing and write what you want because "haters are always gonna hate".