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Friday, September 9, 2011

Rafa's hot and he makes me happy

I wrote almost 5,000 words on my cowboy Christmas story over the past 2 days, incidentally it's still a Christmas story for now because there may be other pubs that I can submit it to. Anyhow, it was going along great - 15,000 words and about 3-5000 to go - but today I have no motivation or inspiration at all. Could have to do with the three hours sleep I got, don't know why. This is a bad time of year for me and I was feeling pretty good about my progress but insomnia was my companion last night. And that's with the addition of not one but 2 prescription, heavy duty sleeping pills. I won't keep whining to you so my day has consisted of playing Facebook Slots and watching tennis. The latter is a good thing though, at least it was once my secret obsession started playing. So to make me feel better, I'm going to share my beautiful fave tennis hottie with you.
Note - I started watching Rafa (Rafael Nadal) before he was even old enough for me to consider him hot - at least legally - so I had to wait and drool once he turned 18 - that was 7 years ago and he's still just as beautiful except with shorter hair. :)

And a little Rafa man love. :D

Um... Donald where is your hand...er, wing?

Sorry, this ended up really obsessive, I mean long.


  1. Nice obsession - really like some of the black and white pictures.

  2. Now, I'm sure I missed much of tennis
    games! Should definitely watch more of that sports! :-)))

    ...or do myself, to get a better bodyshape!

  3. .....mmmm....droooooolz.....;-))))